Dwelvers Makes Evil Manageable for Aspiring Overlords

Joanna Mueller writes: "Harkening back to old school classics like Dungeon Keeper, Dwelvers casts the player in the role of a fledgling Dungeon Lord. At the heart of the dungeon lives the Dark Mother, a snarky, Ursala the sea witch, throwback who will berate and birth additional minions to rally to the cause. As Dungeon Lord, the player must dictate every aspect of dungeon life. This includes everything from constructing elaborate traps to protect against attacks, right down to farming and baking to keep the minions in beer and bread."

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garyanderson1377d ago

Loved dungeon keeper, this looks pretty great.

GrubsterBeater1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

I have been waiting so many years for a true successor to Dungeon Keeper and this is it!! I cannot wait for this!

Edit: Didn't realize a demo was out already, downloading this tonight! :)