5 Gaming Franchise That Needs To Die

The gaming industry has really come a long way with a lot of improvements and jaw breaking exploits. Some developers and publishers are pushing the boundaries of the concept of gaming while others have stagnated it, leaving a once powerful game franchise to rot. The list contains five game franchise that were once so great, but now not so great. They have literally been milked to death!

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PhoenixUp1380d ago

I don't see the benefit in any longtime successful franchise needing to die

EeJLP-1379d ago

There are too many Ass Creed games. I liked ACII a lot, but there's no way I'm buying and spending the time on seemingly 2 games a year, every year, from the same franchise. It's been watered-down so much that I have no interest in the franchise anymore.

Adrian_v011379d ago


doesn't mean it has to die. Just means you don't like it. There are some people who enjoy all the AC games.

glassgannon9091379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

notice how theyre all super popular multi million franchises.
a click from a hater or a defender is still a click in the end

its really simple, lots and lots of people continue to buy them every chance they get. so they must like it, if the writer doesnt, the simplest solution is to not play that game and pretend it doesnt exist.
Im not sure how its existence actively hurts people though

hay1379d ago

Wow, a level easy article. Took 5 popular franchises and instead of recommending how they can be fixed, it brags why they should "die" when they sell really good numbers. Every of those franchises has a lot to give once some corpo squares regain their minds back.

PeaSFor1379d ago

the only thing that need to die is this kind of blogs

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wellard1379d ago

None of these franchises need to die I would have agreed with the article if it said franchises that need to take a break. Slightly off topic but I had no idea syndicate flopped, I thought gamers liked it?

Jonin7Spartan1379d ago

When the quality goes down, it's best to put it down before its reputation is damaged.

sanosukegtr1231379d ago

How about making a game and with a season pass for an example $100. With that amount u should get alot of dlc contents like gta 5. But the update are free but u gotta earn them in game cash or use real money to earn it quicker.

Godmars2901379d ago

Depends on if there's actual honest effort going into them, or if they're exploiting and lingering on past, established, reputation.

Capcom putting out SFV like they did qualifies as the latter.

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Nintentional1379d ago

If these franchises were dead, these same guys would be posting an article about the same "5 gaming franchises that need to make a comeback" 😑

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gangsta_red1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Final Fantasy needs to die? That is pretty much the premier JRPG in the world. I know gamers who don't touch RPG games but do play Final Fantasy games.

Even though I find this Street Fighter lack luster in terms of roster (not to mention lack of content) no way should that series die. I wouldn't mind Capcom maybe focusing on some of their other fighters and giving those the same attention they give SF (and MvC) but no way should SF die.

RE needs a reboot, plain and simple. I think Capcom has gone way over board and they need to pull it back. Alone in a mansion with monsters trying to kill you. RE 6 felt like a Hollywood blockbuster with CoD thrown in because kids like guns.

The rest on the list...I wouldn't lose any sleep if those died.

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Godmars2901379d ago

At this point the series lacks player involvement. Is focused on fx rather than story.

That its well recognized, is seen as being unable to do wrong, is the exact point and problem.

gangsta_red1379d ago

I agree, I never said it can't do any wrong. But killing the series? Especially when IMO the series hasn't suffered any player fatigue unlike CoD or AC.

Godmars2901379d ago

You don't call the fan division around FF13 an example of "player fatigue"?

Story pacing and gameplay have been an issue since the franchise moved off the SNES, became a notifiable with FF8, and again hit the fan with FF13. FF15 might be a new start, yet at the same time in this "games as services" era there's less value in RPGs as stories and more as social events.

rainslacker1379d ago

Player fatigue means that people are just tired of the series. The division around FF13 was more about how people were disappointed with the direction the series went within that one particular installment...or three.

However, the players for the most part, seem to be eagerly anticipating the FF7 remake, and FFXV. The fact that they were eagerly anticipating FFXV when it was still VS13 is a direct contradiction that people were getting tired of the franchise. They just wanted a better FF game.

MrsNesbitt1380d ago

Bit harsh, really. I think it's a natural process of a long-standing franchise to hit a wall and then break through. Take Tomb Raider for example. I'd hate to see any 'franchise die', I would much rather see them bounce back.

Sonital1379d ago

Exactly. Nothing needs to die, people just need to decide when enough is for themselves. If you're one of the millions of people who buy COD on an annual basis and have a great time then awesome. If you're one of the people who get suckered into buying it each year, play it once and then hate yourself for it then it's on you!

PixelGateUk1380d ago

I don't think any franchise should 'die' just maybe rest? or allow new ideas for form rather than ticking boxes to hit sales goals

WiiWareWave1380d ago

I will Admit Capcom Over did it with Street Fighter 4, they released so many different versions of it I lost count.

Assassins Creed, I dont feel it needs to die but I feel that Ubisoft should probably put it on hold for a few years. Then come back strong AND GLITCH FREE!!!! Id say the same for Resident Evil, since 4 they have all been Call of Duty esk action games although 6 tried to break this up abit.

Nothing to say about Final Fantasy and I think we all know Call of Duty will never die. Not as long as people keep buying it every year. Black Ops 2 was the last one I bought.

proudly_X1380d ago

You raised solid points.

Stopped playing Assassins Creed a while ago, it's damn too repetitive and same boring sh/t

Ninja_G_Aidan1379d ago

Capcom didn't overdo it with Street Fighter. It was what the fans asked for.

WiiWareWave1378d ago

Fans asked for like 5 different Street Fighter 4 games?

Ninja_G_Aidan1377d ago

@Wiiwarewave yes because fans couldn't get enough of the game especially at Evo tournaments. I do believe the game has been updated to its full extent now.