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Back in 2013, created Night Riders. It was released on the OUYA and other Android platforms and gave people a barren wasteland to race through while racing the clock and avoiding rival drivers. It was a game that relied heavily on limited graphics to look good, and it worked well. Now, they’re back with yet another nod to classic arcade racing games. Sega was the undisputed king of mid-to-late ’80s arcade racers. With both Hang-On and Outrun to their credit, they created games that didn’t just munch quarters — they stood the test of time. Hang-On was inspired a bit by Pole Position – only it was a more modernized version on motorcycles. It combined traditional racing formulas with an arcade-tough level of difficulty. Outrun followed up on that and would be more akin to what we now know as an endless runner. Your goal wasn’t to beat rivals – you just had to get to a new area before running out of time. Our young rider Alice has set out to hang onto her bike and outrun her opponents while also beating the clock.

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