Uncharted 4 Open Beta Client Taken Down From The EU PlayStation Store

GS: "Recently, WCCFTech reported that an Open Beta for Naughty Dog’s upcoming action adventure title, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be held on this weekend. Though they were not lying as the Open Beta was listed in the EU PlayStation Store some time ago, but it has now been taken down."

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REDGUM1381d ago

Wow. That was a quick beta. Hope everyone got a good few games in. Lol.

ArchangelMike1381d ago

Hmmm... so what do I do now with the U4 beta client that I downloaded? Guess I'll wait till Friday to find out.

Aloy-Boyfriend1381d ago

Keep it! It was there for a reason. They might make an official announcement this week hopefully. I wanna play it so bad again

extermin8or1381d ago

Well the servers aren't up but it's description clearly said that it was this weekend so I imagine it just went up abit early?

Wallstreet371381d ago

If anything Dark Souls 3 beta client leaking on psn showed us, is that even if you got to download it doesnt mean you'll be able to get in. Dark Souls 3 beta updated day of release and i couldn't get it!!!!! grrrrr.

FamilyGuy1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I'm thinking this was on some time-released schedule that was never updated after the games last delay occurred. It popped up on accident. That or something was wrong with it, maybe the wrong version and the one on the store was an outed version of the beta or allowed more access than they intended? It was announced on the EU Playstation store so it was probably an issue with that version of the download

I just hope that a free multiplayer trial comes out before the game releases. It could get even more people interested in the game and the more the merrier! I originally bought Uncharted 2 for this exact reason, the multiplayer demo made it a day 1 buy. Same thing happened with Destiny and it wasn't really on my radar as my type of game till that pre-release demo.

ArchangelMike1381d ago

I really like the fact that you called it a "pre-release demo". Made me lol :)

extermin8or1381d ago

Nah it clearly said beta and this weekends dates in its description.