Developers of Cult Sim Sunshine Compound Mysteriously Disappear With $20,000

Joanna Mueller writes: "So, what happened to Sunshine Compound and the backers who supported it? It seems so bizarre that not a single backer ever asked about the game again. I'm only half kidding when I say we might want to start checking for missing person reports and track Kool-Aid sales. (Yeah, I know it was actually Flavor Aid, but that figure of speech never caught on.)"

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garyanderson1376d ago

Bummer, some people definitely lost some cash in this deal.

Neonridr1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

damn, more and more of these stories coming from Kickstarter. Have to be very careful about who you back.

Looking into this project specifically though it is very strange.. No comments were made on the campaign page, only 3 updates were released. Strange that they somehow raised all this money with no communication with their backers.

GregMicek1376d ago

Yeah, definitely a strange one. Far as I can tell they got likely put in a bunch of their own funds in order to make sure the project hit its goal so they could collect what little they did earn.

jashtheflash1376d ago

The horror stories are real

Scatpants1376d ago

Too bad. That sounds like a cool idea for a game too.