Rainbow Six Siege In-depth Patch Notes - Update 2.2 - 1MAR2016 for PC, 2MAR2016 for Console

In a post on its forums, Ubisoft today detailed the patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege’s 2.2 update.

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GigawattConduit1377d ago

This any good? Wasn't sure about grabbing at full price when it first came out.

skcej1377d ago

It's good fun if you've got a group of friends all with mics. Communication is like pretty essential to do well but when it all comes off it's a pretty amazing feeling haha

GigawattConduit1377d ago

Would it help to play the other Rainbow Six games, or is this more or less how the series has always been?

Neonridr1377d ago

agree with skcej, you can't roll in this game silent, a mic is almost a neccessity.

You can type to your teammates in the game, but a headset with mic is way easier.

You have to get used to the style of game, it's not a shooter like Call of Duty or anything. You really need to take your time otherwise you will spend the bulk of the round as a spectator.

skcej1377d ago

I love how it's completely different to most other stuff out there but damn it annoys me when my team either don't have mics or just don't want to communicate.

I don't even bother trying to type because it's so difficult in the heat of battle lol

Docknoss1376d ago

Still can't play multiplayer, I've never had a game that I couldn't play four months after its came out.

isa_scout1376d ago

I had to quit playing this game, as much as I loved it. The glitches got to be to much. First it was people glitching outside to kill players when they spawned on offense, then kapkans laser glitch, then Castles shield glitch, then black silhouettes on players, then players glitching between the floor and ceiling on the Yacht map...It all just got to be too much. Every patch seemed to add some other type of problem. If you're making a online only game you'd better make sure the online is at least checked for glitches and bugs that allows players to cheat.

Pogue19061376d ago

All of the above has been fixed. RB6 gets my vote for game of the year. Its better when everyone has mics, but its still tons of fun if I am the only one with one. It seems that after a match or two you end up with a team full of mics anyway.

Mexxan1371d ago

Totally agree - one of the best games available right now - getting bored of droney fps's? Get this, a total buzz to play (even though I'm still pretty shit at it still). Trouble with mic's their is always one dick who thinks it's real life,go's Johnny Rambo, gets a bullet to the head, THEN starts blaming everyone for the loss.

Trust me, a lot of the times peeps don't talk is because of these dickheads.