HD Remasters: Shameless Cash Grab or Good for the Industry?

Jerry Dobracki and Corey Atwood from BagoGames write: It seems like video game companies are churning out HD remasters like it’s 1999! Just recently, Capcom released the Resident Evil: Origins collection which bundles together the Gamecube titles Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil HD. Are these titles over saturating the market, or are they a blessing to younger gamers that didn’t get a chance to play these games on their original console?

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Ajoyshop1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I like it. When they actually upgrade the graphics substantially and not just do a few polishes here or there. I recently played Resident Evil Zero HD on my computer and that was awesome. To play a game that was only on consoles with a keyboard and mouse? That was worth it to me. But it really depends on the effort put in by the studio and the quality of the product. But I do think it's lazy on the part of the studios. Instead of making a new IP or a new game in the series. I'm looking at you Capcom. :p

darthv721382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Like others have said. it depends on the game. Taking something from several years prior and not only remastering the content in HD but compiling it with other content is always nice.

Such examples would be Ratchet collection, Jak collection, Sly Collection, Halo Master Chief collection...

But when it's a game that isnt very old and already highly acclaimed it does make you wonder why. Last of Us is already brilliant and I have not played the PS4 version but what does it really offer that warranted it getting a remake so soon?

Same for any game that was released towards the tail end of last gen. If those games get PS4 & XB1 releases then why didn't they just hold off releasing them on last gen to begin with? There are games that go back to older systems that should get some sort of rebirth on next gen.

Jumping Flash is one of my favorites from the PS1. I could only imagine what a remaster would be like let alone if they added VR support.

DarthZoolu1381d ago

I say it's a cash grab. I beat games completely and don't like replaying games unless I can change the way I played them. Graphics don't make games IMO. Upgraded graphics only make a game better when the original graphics actually hurt game play.

BrandanT1382d ago

It depends on the game for me. Normally I think a game should qualify for a remaster if it's at least ten years of age.

Ajoyshop1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Do you believe that a game should get new content or just an HD touch up? I'm conflicted on this myself. I've run into games Res Evil 1 HD and disliked the addition of Crimson Zombies. I wanted the original game with new graphics lol.

BrandanT1382d ago

I'm for additions that aren't trivial.

Herbalistic1382d ago

I like when certain games that enjoyed back in the day get a full remastered treatment.

lockedongamer11382d ago

Same here. If there weren't remasters, I wouldn't have played Shadow of the Colossus, for example.

Ajoyshop1382d ago

I had the same experience. Played Shadow of the Colossus on PS3. Remastering has given me a chance to play games I never had a chance to as a kid because I didn't have the console.

JJShredder1382d ago

Im personally very torn on this issue and have switched how I felt about it often. On one hand, it's a great way for people to play games they may of missed last gen without having to haul out the old consoles.

On the other hand, these side studios could be making their own content and giving us new experiences. The potential for distractions are there as well.

My biggest concern will be what happens with the Xbox 2 and PS5. Will there be Remakes of Remakes of HD remasters? At which point do we allow classics to remain exactly that and move forward?

There doesn't seem to be a correct answer to this but all I can say is no matter how you feel, your wallets speak louder than anything and I don't think anoyone should be criticised either way for how they feel about it.

FallenAngel19841382d ago

It's been a great thing. Ever since God of War Collection popularized the HD remaster rerelease concept in 2009, we've gotten plenty more classic games ported to modern games. There are plenty of titles I missed out on at first or wanted to reexperience with new modern features.

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The story is too old to be commented.