Minecraft Combat Update Now Live, Dual-Wielding, Shields and More

Mojang has released the Combat Update for Minecraft on PC, delivering a plethora of new fighting mechanics, including shields, dual-wielding and much more

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-Foxtrot1377d ago

And yet it still feels empty for how long we've waited for this.

They need more people getting the updates out faster with more stuff included in them.

Least when you waited for an update in lets say Terraria you were in for a treat despite how long you waited.

Codewow1376d ago

Agreed. The wait for this update in particular was way too long. They didn't add much of anything in the end. Well, not much for vanilla survival players anyways.

Poroz1377d ago

I am still blown away my kids still play this.

Codewow1376d ago

I've had a server up and running since alpha. I still see new players every day.