Ready Player One . . . What's Happened To Story Writing In Games

Steve C talks about single player campaigns and the stories in AAA games

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Hitoemi1380d ago

Been replaced by Micros and ADHD customers who cant pay attention to anything but headshots.

Kreisen1380d ago

Replace headshots with floating damage numbers and youre right on the mark.

1379d ago
MeleeDamage1380d ago

Some of the best and most intriguing stories have come the Metal Gear Solid series (excluding The Phantom Pain, sorry). My favorite has to be Legacy of Kain!

Brohan1380d ago

Legacy of Kane back on the PlayStation was the bomb. I loved that game

sonicsidewinder1380d ago

when you say LOK, do you mean the original game or Soul Reaver?

I never finished LOK and never played Soul Reaver.

MeleeDamage1380d ago

I've played all the Legacy of Kain entries but the original Blood Omen and Soul Reaver 1 and 2 stand out for me as the best in the series!

Brohan1380d ago

I agree on this. That's why I now stay away from MP only games.