Why Did We All Tune Out of PlayStation TV?

Push Square: "When the PlayStation TV was announced, this author was on holiday. It was poor editorial director Damien McFerran that was left to man the fort during an explosive Tokyo Game Show press conference, which also played host to the reveal of the PlayStation Vita Slim. It was big, big news at the time, with the microconsole in particular drawing plenty of plaudits."

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ArchangelMike1619d ago

This is the problem with Sony Playstation, fingers in too many pies. Just focus on games and supporting the platform you already have out there. They are letting the PSVita die a slow and painful death, and instead of investing in it, went to come up with PlaystationTV? Surprise, surprise! Sony didn't support that either!
When will they learn that gamers just want to play good games?

get2sammyb1619d ago

I agree that sometimes it feels like they're spinning too many plates. I do think this was an experiment, though, so you can't really blame them.

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FamilyGuy1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

wtf are you talking about? The Playstation TV was a console version of the vita. It didn't need its own support when it just played vita games. I'm not a handheld sort of gamer so its release was a welcome edition to me. A mini hmdi out port on the vita would've been nice but the PS TV was a cheaper option. It gave me the opportunity to play some of those monster hunter-like games that the vita was getting that weren't showing up on the PS3 or PS4.

Seems like you have no idea what the system even was

Seraphim1619d ago

I don't think that's the problem at all. I see it twofold. One being necessity and the other being confusion. Necessity in that who needs it for Remote Play, to play Vita games on their tv, and so on. Confusion being exactly that. What is it? What does it do? And so on. Guess there could be some other issues. Price. Marketing. Price wasn't terrible but back to necessity. Do I really to spend that much for this and is it really useful to me. Lack of marketing. I bet a vast majority have no idea this product is available and if you were to ask gamers what PSTV was they'd think it's some video service offered by PS they never heard of.

I think it's a great concept. Back when I was a kid this would have been fantastic. With the price drops I have considered picking one up for $40-50. My problem is I really have no use for one. I don't have a spare tv anymore and even when I did I never really had any desire to game on it. I have my setup. Secondly most Vita games I enjoy playing on the Vita. Though some it would be cool to play on the big screen so I might have just talked myself into buying one.

rainslacker1619d ago

They brought out PSTV before they abandoned the Vita. The PSTV by it's very nature could have bolstered the Vita install base, thus making it get more support.

While I agree, Sony did fumble support for VIta in general in the West, it wasn't because they happen to bring out a different version of the Vita...which only expanded the market base for the system.

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isarai1619d ago

Well many reasons, a hefty chunk of vita games are incompatible, memory cards are still pricey as hell, doesn't come with a controller which is required, doesn't stream netflix even thou standard vita does, and most of all people really aren't that interested in playing handheld visuals on a big screen. Especially now that every vita game is also getting a ps4 release, sony is really just slowly but steadily turning the knife they stabbed it withat this point

gangsta_red1619d ago

It was a great idea, just executed very poorly. Hardly any exposure and not enough support.

Just another peripheral in a long list from Sony that has been unsupported and eventually dropped. This is why people should be cautious about PSVR.

u4one1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

it was a solution for a problem that didn't really exist. if you own a ps4 (or a sony smart tv), you already have the best features of the pstv anyway. if you own a vita, then you have vita games, and they can be streamed via ps4. as a media streamer, it was a joke and could in no realistic way compete with Roku, Apple, Google, Amazon etc.

as for psvr - i really hope it succeeds, but you're right. a product needs a reason to exist and people need a reason to want it. same thing kinda happened with kinect as well.

donwel1619d ago

Vita games can be streamed via PS4?
PS4 games can be streamed to Vita through remote play but I've never heard it the other way round.

ziggurcat1619d ago

it also didn't help that not all vita games were compatible. I bought one thinking I would just play my vita titles on my TV, but I honestly haven't used it at all - it's my own fault for not really researching it thoroughly enough!

rainslacker1619d ago

I think it's execution was fine, just it didn't get much exposure in terms of marketing. I mean, even when the price dropped to a point only a hater could argue it wasn't worth it, the thing barely sold.

I think some people found it redundant. Some found it less capable than the handheld.

Mostly though, I think Sony had a great idea, and then didn't bother to make it into a better device as time went by. All their efforts went to PS4, and new compelling features...although probably redundant on a game console, never made their way to the device to entice the more mainstream casual customer to choose it over something like Roku or AmazonTV. Rather silly really, as much of the success of the PS1 and PS2 was due to how they made it more appealing than other devices which did the same thing...except the PS1 and PS2 could also play games.

user66660471619d ago

I'd take one of these for 3DS games.

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