Top 5 Things You Forgot About: Gta Vice City

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I recently downloaded Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy from the Playstation Store. That’s GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas, all delivered in a neat little 7.7GB, 1080P up-rendered package. They now all come with Trophy support as well as being Share Play & Remote Play enabled among other enhancements.

This time, I’m taking a look at Vice City and the Top 5 things I totally forgot about, until I played it again. Maybe I should have looked at GTA III first, but we’ll get there.

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Hunkaloverbear1233d ago

They need to remake vice city for next gen consoles

slack3r1233d ago

Vice City was such an awesome game. Grand Theft Auto with an 80s soundtrack.

Nivekki1233d ago

I bought the collection the other week, and while I've completed them several times before it took some adjusting to get back into the swing of things. I haven't played them for several years and it's a bit of a shock when you get onto some of the harder missions, after getting spoilt with checkpoints and such over the last few years.

Still great games though, even after all this time.

Yukes1233d ago

I'd forgotten about that restart option to be honest. Still doesn't stop Vice City being my favourite of the series. That soundtrack was epic!

jchaplin21233d ago

Driving around in the tank is the best part. Can't beat having the milatary called in.

2pacalypsenow1233d ago

How hard some of the missions are

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