Top 5 Horror Games of All Time

In recent years, horror games have become extremely popular. Throughout the years, we have had many games have put the frighteners on the majority of people that played them. Here is a list of what 5 top horror games.

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svoulis1379d ago

F.E.A.R wasn't very scary to me. I mean it had its occasional scares but I am surprised outlast isn't on that list.

KurtRussell1378d ago

FEAR is one of the few games that managed a few scares for me (first time playing it i '05 i mean). Kickass game, still one of the best shooters. Outlast was kinda scary until i reached the basement and those pumps or generators, then it just got annoying haha. Amnesia was also scary at the start but quickly got annoyed with the gameplay. Dead Space 1 LOL, all that game had going for it is closet monsters surprising you at the beginning with loud noises, and that unkillable necro. But it did have very good sound design, creepy enough. Also where is Alien Isolation, that's on top for me.

Darkwatchman1378d ago

FEAR is an excellent shooter with satisfying shootouts, but it is far from scary. The first time I played it, I saw every jump scare and "psychological" scare coming from miles away. It was so poorly telegraphed. FEAR 2, while not necessarily a better game or better shooter, is easily the scariest of the series.

KurtRussell1378d ago

@Darkwatchman Hehe strange, i yawned my way through FEAR2

Darkwatchman1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

And I yawned at every time the first FEAR thought it was scary.

MrsNesbitt1379d ago

Silent Hill back in the day!

Iltapalanyymi1378d ago

finally. a list without slender.
F.E.A.R still bugs me in lists like these tho. sure, they have a couple of scary moments but the overall experience is just not right cut for a horror game.

Kallisti1378d ago

What about Alien: Colonial Marines? I heard that game was horrible