You shouldn't buy AAA games from the Windows 10 Store...for now

MWEB GameZone writes: "Games purchased from the Windows 10 Store are UWP applications, which are plagued by quite a few limitations for PC gamers who are accustomed to the freedom a Digital Distribution Platform like Steam.

Until things change, we recommend not purchasing AAA PC titles from the Windows 10 Store and disabling those pesky Lock Screen Ads so you are not tempted by the admittedly well-priced deals."

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Sillicur1379d ago

Yah, I cant see why anyone would rather purchase a game from the Windows Store instead of steam if it is available on both! At least they will hopefully improve it, judging by the latest comments on twitter.

SonZeRo1378d ago

i can see why it would be locked down like it is though, remember most of these games will probably be sent/played on xbone's so locking it down would make sense to stop a guy from modding his pc version of the game and sitting on an xbone with it then (i'm not exactly sure how the share games between win10 and xbone works)

HanCilliers1379d ago

But it might be usefull for those not interested in tweaking anything? If such pc gamers do exists ;).

Sillicur1379d ago

Honestly that MIGHT be the only reason, but its always nice to have the option of tweaking in the future, even for those who don't want to presently.

Forum_Pirate1379d ago

Nope. Modern games Auto detect everything so they can run properly. If you don't want to tweak it, you can just use the settings it chooses for you. For everyone else, it's a bunch of stupid restrictions that stops them running the game like they want to.

rainslacker1378d ago

There are probably a substantial number of people who don't tweak their games. I think our perception of PC gamers is skewed, because we only see those that are more into it, and understand these things.

But just like consoles which make it seem the hardcore are the biggest group, the vast majority of people do not go around doing all the stuff we expect PC gamers to do.

Windows Store may do well because it's integrated into Windows 10 itself. I can imagine a lot of people may use it, either because they know nothing of Steam, or because they are unaware of the restrictions, and those restrictions may not even be important to them.

However, if MS really wants it to take off, they do need the hardcore gamer support, because they are the ones who will spread it around that it's a good place to buy games. Seeing a few articles like this already, and reading through some threads on neogaf/steam, it doesn't appear they've done much to ingratiate themselves with the hardcore PC gamer yet...although I'm sure those who are indifferent to WinStore probably aren't talking about it much and may be willing to use it.

1nsomniac1379d ago

Wow. That's the most backward concept of a marketplace I've ever come across. How did Microsoft think any of that was even slightly a good idea??

Sillicur1379d ago

Yeh, I agreed, shoulda left it a bit till it was better for PC gamers. They are planning to improve though, but damn, atm it doesnt have a chance against steam

PhoenixUp1379d ago

Seems that Microsoft can never get the hang of offering a platform that mainstream PC gamers can adopt in droves. There always seems to be a catch with their PC-related gaming endeavors.

Choc_Salties1379d ago

Seems our Lord GabeN's predictions are coming true... the end of the gaming world is nigh...?

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