Why the Uncharted 4 Story Changes Aren't a Big Deal

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "So it came to light again over the weekend that the story for upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was changed when new directors came on board back in 2014. Despite this disruption to the script, the general reaction says a lot about how we as gamers accept certain pieces of news more readily than others."

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Yukes1380d ago

I'm sure it will be stellar - nobody I'd rather see taking over than Druckmann. Still, I kind of would like to know what Hennig and Richmond had in mind for us...maybe someday that script will see the light of day?

Maple221380d ago

You never know, they might decide to tell us. It will probably be many years from now though... I can wait.

FlipSwitch1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The story will be stellar. It has 2 of the best story tellers in the industry writing and directing it.

And Yukes. You are clearly affiliated with the site. All your comments are on GamersFTW articles. Thats how you know you are dealing with a real clickbait site. They are always in the comments defending their articles.

How about focusing on some quality game journalism for a change?

madmonkey011379d ago

its known, he does most of the submissions for that site

monkeyDzoro1380d ago

My guess (and I suppose some or many others' also) is Amy Hennig didn't want UC to end.
I think in Amy's mind, UC4 would have been just another UC with another vilain and another adventure. But Neil and Bruce came back from TLOU, and they wanted to move on from UC this gen. Why ? Because they have TLOU, their new IP (pretty obvious) and UC as a 3rd IP to handle would have been too much.
So they wanted to put a closure on Drake's story and adventures. And Amy didn't agree with that, and she left. Why am I saying this ? Just look at the trailers.
The 1st teaser was allegedly Sam ranting about Drake, for leaving him rot somewhere. But since Neil & Bruce joined the project, they have been very clear mentioning everytime they could that THIS was THEIR last UC and Drake's last adventure ( "One last time" trailer ).

A revenge plot for another adventure (Amy) VS. One last time adventure (Neil & Bruce).
God, that one last time line... so painful.

TwoForce1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

But that quote from Neil and Bruce are much more complex.

GribbleGrunger1380d ago

We don't know what the story was originally so how the hell can someone decide 'the changes aren't a big deal'? At this point it's not a matter of whether the changes are a big deal, it's a matter of accepting what we get and judging it on its own merits. I dislike articles that create drama out of thin air.

the_dark_one1380d ago

Well anything goes to get those clicks. Am i right???

Relientk771380d ago

Uncharted 4 will be amazing, period

slappy5081380d ago

Not such a big deal in the sense that we knew quite a while back already that they had to start from scratch when Henning left, but more importantly in the sense that this is N Druckman and Bruce Straley who did TLOU we are talking about here, couldn't be in more capable hands.

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago

It never was a big deal to begin with, or was it? We don't even know what changed. All we know is that the project got new directors

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The story is too old to be commented.