Is Uncharted's linear gameplay formula outdated?

Alex Gibson from GamersFTW writes "Unchartered represents somewhat of the old school in its approach to video gaming. As the next entry in the series rapidly approaches, there is surely a question as to how relevant its highly formulaic and linear blueprint still is amongst a sea of enormous open world games. Moreover, with the length and replayability of video games increasingly being perceived as indicative of value, will Unchartered 4’s comparably limited content have enough substance to impress gamers?"

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DarkOcelet1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Nope, next question.

Besides, Uncharted 4 areas looks wide-ish linear so its the best of both worlds.

Why o why1381d ago

the fear and preemptive downplay among 'some' segments of gamers and the media is not alarming. U4 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. I can see some idiots marking it down and downplaying it because 'it's not open world enough' ......maybe because it's not or has ever been an open world game jokers

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BarneyS1381d ago


I don't get that either. Naughty Dog's storytelling and character building are imo the best the industry has to offer. It just doesn't allow for the game to be open world because Naughty Dog wants to tell you their story in a very specific way and with the exact right pacing.

Quote: "Moreover, with the length and replayability of video games increasingly being perceived as indicative of value, will Unchartered 4’s comparably limited content have enough substance to impress gamers?"

Personally I value my first 18 hour The Last of Us playthrough way more than any other open world game I've played, no matter how much content the game had. An experience like that just isn't possible in open world games.

FamilyGuy1381d ago

UC4 has multiplayer, even if people did have an issue with linear story lines it's got replay value in the multiplayer.

Saigon1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

This is the argument they used for the Order; oh its Linear so its no good. I wonder if they are trying to pump the same to the masses hoping that UC4 will fail. Well, either way its already a purchase for me. I actually loved the Order if you take it for what it is and so far from the looks UC4 is going to be a classic.

Link2DaFutcha1380d ago

Agreed. Personally I've got a bit of open world fatigue right now. Seems like every major release is "open world". Sometimes I just want to relax with a good story and not worry about talking to everybody to get some obscure fetch quest so I can upgrade my shoes.

I'm playing through the UC collection now, as I've never played them, and, having just started UC 3, cannot wait for UC 4.

D3athc3ll1380d ago

@all above

Well said guys, I am glad to hear there are still ppl thinking with their brains!

I feel the same way. Open world or not. Depends on the game and how the developers execute everything.

In my opinion the best experience in a game I've had in years was in The Last of Us. That game will stay close to my heart forever. What a story! Just amazing. Thank you ND for creating games that makes its mark in my soul.

rainslacker1380d ago

I really wish MGSV hadn't been open world. For as good as the game play actually was, I feel the game would have been significantly better if it had been extremely linear like the previous games, as more time could actually be placed into the story.

It's like people want it both ways. Great focused story, huge expansive open world with lots of compelling stuff to do.

While that would be cool, there are only maybe 3-4 games which exemplify the ability to have both great focused story and gameplay, and huge open world to explore.

Linear is not a four letter word, and it's really sad that this pervasive stance of linear is inferior keeps coming up as something worth discussion.

miyamoto1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

no clicks on that site from this gamer

no one messes with Druckman and Straley when it comes to good & daring storytelling

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SniperControl1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

TBH, i getting a little sick and tired of the need for every game to be "open world", some games it suits it others it doesn't, in MY opinion, open world ruined MGS5 and should of stuck to the formula of the old MGS games.

As Why o why says above, UC4 will undoubtedly be down marked because it's not open world, which would be a massive shame as it looks gobsmackingly chin on floor amazing!

I get way more enjoyment playing games like Uncharted and The last of Us over games like MGS5 and Just Cause 3.

ocelot071381d ago

Completely agree with @SniperControl there are titles that simply don't need open world. Uncharted is one of them. Metal Gear Solid 5 was ruined for me due to it being a very boring empty open world. So boring I have still not completed it.

However I wouldn't mind a open world Naughty Dog game with the same gameplay as Uncharted.

mochachino1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I 100% agree that open-world ruined MGS 5. There was no story in the final game in a story based series.

The most interesting part of the game for me was the beginning, which was completely linear.

rainslacker1380d ago

I agree, however, most games aren't open world, and most games are actually very linear.

The idea that open world is just better by nature is a fallacy which gets way too much discussion, because the nature of the game world does not denote the quality, appeal, or worth of a game.

I actually don't think UC4 will be marked down by most for being more linear, although surely some will make it a point of contention. I have a feeling that will be one that marks it down.

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Kingdomcome2471380d ago

I'm so tired of this debate in general. Open worlds don't necessarily mean more value, higher quality, more varied gameplay, etc... A primarily story driven dev such as Naughty Dog that is looking to tell a particular story, especially so in this case where they are looking to conclude a long running fan favorite story, wouldn't be able to pull it off with their usual gravitas in an open world setting. There is a time and a place for each style of game. Even with the more linear based progression that Naughty Dog has chosen for the Uncharted series they will still manage to create more varied gameplay mechanics than the majority of today's open world games are able to muster, I would imagine.

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zcmilano1381d ago

Some great points.. Im sick of open world games, so I cant wait for a more story focused game. The world needs to get over this perception that quality is quantity.

spicelicka1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I just don't understand why people automatically assume "open world" when the linearity of a game is questioned.

Open world is an entirely different genre, might as well as argue that Uncharted should/shouldn't be a sports game.

The real argument is whether Uncharted should be a little less linear. This doesn't mean making the game open world or forcing RPG elements onto it. It simply means opening up the gameplay space, allowing for multiple vantage points, giving more space to fight in than just long narrow pathways.

This is something Last of Us did great at. And I have to say, based on Uncharted 4 footage, ND is approaching this the right way without changing too much. So I say wait for UC4 before making further arguments.

jb2271380d ago

The article specifically compares to open worlds, so they are the ones that brought up the comparison, so if you have an issue w/ that, direct it towards them. We are all in agreement w/ you on open world being it's own genre.

As far as the nature of linearity for this game in particular, it's a moot point. The only gameplay we've actually seen from the title all consist of wide open spaces even larger than that TLOU design you specifically mentioned.

Either way even that TLOU design was just an evolution of what was already in place, the UC series always has some linear beats that give way to wider areas w/ multiple potential pathways, those areas have just gotten larger w/ each installment. I honestly think that anyone who has an issue w/ "linearity" in Uncharted can only fall in one of two camps: 1) those who haven't actually played it or camp 2) those that can't appreciate any degree of linearity whatsoever a.k.a. Open world only gamers.

Aceman181380d ago

Personally I'm frigging tired of every game needs to be open world crap, not every damn game needs it. The media needs to go do something better with themselves than write garbage articles like this.

rainslacker1380d ago

It does seem odd to me, since it's been reported that most people do not even finish a linear game. It always made me wonder why make bigger worlds, if people are going to lose interest anyways. If you can barely hold their attention with a linear game with a focused story, how can you possibly hope to hold those people's interest for a less focused story, with tons of stuff to do, which most people don't care about to begin with.

Open world games to me are just grind fests. Rarely is the open world content that compelling, and is about akin to grinding out stuff in any MMO, without the lore attached in any meaningful way, because it's all so repetitive and rarely bothers to even try to make justifications for why you're farming the same thing over and over again, whereas at least in an MMO, they try to build some lore over why you now need to collect the different color of magical rock which incredulously only shows up on some random forest creature who has no desire to have such things, or a way to collect such things.

Generally speaking, about the only depth most open world games have for these types of things is...oh, you found this random thing on the ground...go find more random things which coincidentally have some loose correlation to the story, and when you will actually not serve any purpose to the story, nor add to the story in any way except to add one line of backstory which was already stated earlier or not mentioned because it's meaningless and pointless to begin with...but congrats on completing the list and getting closer to 100%. Here's your achievement/trophy.

I like the open world games which make the extra stuff to do part of the actual story, and add to it for those that actually care enough to pursue it. Since there are so few of those, I find most open world games matter how good the game play is.

MrsNesbitt1381d ago

I think that gameplay suits it's style, so no it's not outdated.

nowitzki20041381d ago

Yeah, I like a variety.. Lets not make everything open world.

LOL_WUT1380d ago

Exactly! Not every game benefits from being open world in many cases it makes it worse (MGS5 for example). ;)

TwoForce1381d ago

Linear games are here to stay.

ravinash1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

No. I like open world games, so no one else is allowed to play linear games! /s

GreetingsfromCanada1381d ago

Naughty Dog recognized the issue and adjusted with more open ended levels. It'll be fine.