Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Leaked, Battlefield 5 in WW1? + Rocket League $70 Million | PE NewZ

It looks like Call of Duty Ghosts 2 will be coming in November of this year. Battlefield 5 might be set in World War 1 and Rocket League makes major bucks with $70 million in revenue.

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bixxel988d ago

RUMORS, RUMORS, AND RUMORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AizenSosuke988d ago

Rumors, and rumors you got love 'em and you got to hate 'em.

Utalkin2me988d ago

Ghost 2?.....i think i just threw up a little. Tired of COD anyways, but Ghost was just awful.

Ken85988d ago

Ghost 2 is inevitable unfortunately because of the cliffhanger campaign ending.

d4v0333988d ago

Wow Infinity Ward just keeps going down the hill if this is true! They really need to get their heads together and make a good COD game and just erase the Ghosts entry from their portfolio and from people's minds. That game was just plain awful and terrible. The worst COD I have every played. They should make a COD like MW or MW2.

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