PlayStation 4: How Does it Hold Up Two Years Later?

It\'s been over two years since PS4 hit the market; Bidness Etc takes a fresh look at the bestselling console.

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DarkOcelet1379d ago

So far so good and 2016 is gonna be an insane year for the PS4.

Bring on the JRPG games :3

Star Ocean V
Persona V
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Nier Automata
Valkyrie Chronicles HD
Valkyrie Azure
World Of Final Fantasy
Dark Souls 3

Etc etc etc

SniperControl1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Mindblowing really and that's just the JRPG games.

While PC is my goto machine, i still have over 50 games on my PS4 and love the diversity the Playstation brand offers.

PSVR & related games
Uncharted 4
Rachet & Clank
No Mans Sky
Personna 5
GT Sports
The Last Guardian

Some of my most anticipated.

The PS4 has a stellar two years and has a massive year ahead of it, exciting times ahead.

DarkOcelet1379d ago

Its gonna be an insane year for the PS4 indeed. I think there is over 100 exclusive this year just for it.

TheLyonKing1379d ago

I think kh 2.8 is flying under a few people's radars just cause it's am hd kh 3d but a new aqua story and the official build up to kh 3 I am so pumped.

It's all about persona 5 and ff xv for me as well this year. Second I know the release date is the second I can book a week off work to play it :P

DarkOcelet1379d ago

I cant believe FFXV is finally coming :,)

Its been a long wait.

rainslacker1378d ago

SE has barely talked about KH2.8, so no surprise there. I think they're just looking at it as a smaller production for the die hard fans.

Hoffmann1379d ago

How does it hold up? Bought around 30 games for it already and am still playing some of the early games like DriveClub.

I have even more fun with it than I had with the Atari!

GHOSTxx4201379d ago

Loving the ps4 favorite game so far would be bloodborne. 1 trophy away from the platinum, cant wait to play uncharted 4 that game looks amazing...

Pongwater1379d ago

I've seen people downplaying this generation, but I have a backlog of games I want to play. PS4 is going strong as far as I'm concerned, and this year my backlog list is unquestionably going to get quite a bit longer.

pompombrum1379d ago

Games wise it's holding up perfectly, my only real gripes is no external hdd support and perhaps it's time they released an updated controller with better battery life.

welly3001379d ago

Just got my second ps4 to stop family arguments. my new ds4 seems to last longer 5hrs and it's still on 1 bar. I agree with hdd support my other ps4 Is full.

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The story is too old to be commented.