Bullets fly in fan-film The Division: Outliers

Some filmmaking fans of Ubisoft’s upcoming The Division have put together a pretty solid short film based on the game. The Division: Outliers largely speaks for itself: if you’ve got nine spare minutes and the appropriate level of hype for The Division, it’s worth checking out. It may not have the sheen of today’s Oscar winners, but there’s a lot of heart and effort on display here.

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EeJLP-1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

All that work on the costumes and they forgot about their shoes..

Also always wondered.. what if the cops roll up on this.. assault rifles out, snipers on the roof. I'm guessing it wouldn't be pretty.

It is very good though.

SirBradders1384d ago

That was good for a fan flick, well done.