Zelda Fan Recreates A Link To The Past In Unreal Engine 4

A Zelda fan has recreated some of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Unreal Engine 4, giving us a glimpse of how the SNES classic could look if it was made using modern technology. The person behind this project, CryZENx, created the gameplay coding and map – as shown in the three-minute video below. Watch it to see Link as he traverses certain areas of Hyrule while holding a lantern during a storm.

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Geobros2151d ago

This is awesome!! ALTTP is one of my favorite games.

GLG-Gaming2151d ago

I agree, ALTTP is too amazing, it is at the top of my list for 2d Zelda games that I would love to see as a 3d remaster. Close second is Minish Cap

DarkOcelet2151d ago

Zelda should seriously look like this on the NX.

SamPao2151d ago

zelda u looks a thousand times better, from my point of view :P

Ninja_G_Aidan2151d ago

Nintendo NX is going to be one sick handheld console. Sorry hybrid console.

2151d ago
rigo85822151d ago

If only Nintendo would do something like this. If Nintendo just had this screenshot only and said A Link to the Past Remake Holiday 2017. I would preorder it immediately no question. Hell I would pretty much buy an NX for this alone.

MilkMan2151d ago

It's very nice, but I would have like to see combat, npc interacrion. Link using some of his legendary gear. This is a very interesting lighting demo.