Bloodborne and Multiplayer: A Surprisingly Perfect Partnership

Why many of my most memorable moments in Yharnam have been with friends.

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wolf5811375d ago

best coop game i have played in the last 10 years.
the adrenaline you feel when y fighting a boss with a friend,the exploration
or the satisfaction you get when you and your friend destroy the evil invader is out of this world.....

Wallstreet371375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

This was all done prior with Demon Souls and later Dark Souls so i give the credit where its due. It was my first time experiencing mp in that manner and i really really commend Soft for innovating in that respect and giving us a new take on mp, one that many other games are copying now.

With that said Bloodborne is awesome and i never get tired of playing it.

esmittystud1011375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I'm so glad an article like this finally hits. Its what all of us Bloodborne addicts have been preaching for over a year now. Probably the best multi player setup for a single player game I have EVER seen. They have it set up perfect. Zero flaws.

example: If you are stuck in your single player game, as long as you are in online mode (which is the same as single player mode except you can join or players can join you) you can ask for help anywhere in the game. When a player joins you, all they can do is help you. Every kill they make gets you blood echoes, every kill you make gets them blood echoes. They can't screw you over by collecting a collectable thats in your game. The game won't let them. They can't kill you. They can't mess with your game what so ever except for helping you. If you join someones game, and you die, you don't lose anything. The game understands that you were just helping someone out and you shouldn't be punished for it. (Cause lord knows everything else in this game is punishment, just like we like it.) When you guys finally reach the boss on the level/area, you both fight them at the same time and as soon as its over, they automatically get extracted from your game.

Its really the best setup I have ever seen for a single player game. Its great to just go to an area and wonder, "I was once here and had a bunch of trouble before." "I wonder if someone else might be stuck her too?" You just ring the bell and low and behold, it pulls you straight out of your game and puts you in theres. Its great.

It was the most underrated multiplayer of the year or probably ever.