Top V Games Coming Releases this March

What are the best games coming on out this March?

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ultimatetruth1378d ago

Pokken Tournament and Twilight Princess HD for me, I play my Wii U way more than my XB1 and PS4 combined

nowitzki20041378d ago

I dont believe it... I believe you play it more than PS4 and X1 comnbined.. But I dont believe you own the other 2.

PFFT1378d ago

Unfortunately i dont have a WiiU to play Pokken and TWHD :(
So its The Division for me.

nowitzki20041378d ago

Got a WiiU for my son, so might get TWPHD. Its 2nd for me in Zelda games behind ALTTP and Zelda has helped push me to be the gamer I am today.

PFFT1378d ago

The best gaming memories i have are all in thanks to Zelda. What can i say its one of IF not the best series in gaming bar none.

nowitzki20041378d ago


Its hard to pick "The best series".. But theres no way you have that argument without including Zelda.

Darkwatchman1378d ago

Eh. My most anticipated game in March is Trillion: God of Destruction

TheNemesis5011378d ago

Can I just get a list of all releases for March? This list can't be the only games worth noting.

BrettAwesome1378d ago

Not the hotteste month... I'm just countin' the days, waitimg for uncharted, r&c, doom and the new starfox... How about the xbone? Any cool stuff out for that in march?