The Secret History Of A 1999 Mad Max Video Game

The year was 1999. The dream: simple. Make a new Mad Max game. Make the kind of Mad Max game Australians could be proud of.

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gangsta_red1382d ago

Too bad the latest Mad Max video game didn't do so hot or wasn't popular especially with Fury Road cleaning up at the Oscars.

porkChop1382d ago

Huh? The new Mad Max game was popular, and a lot of people loved it. Wasn't perfect, but it was a damn fun game.

gangsta_red1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

You sure about that? I hardly knew anyone who played it, it barely made a buzz online after release and I'm guessing it didn't blaze up the sales chart.

I was interested in it for a short while. I think the game could have benefited from some online vehicular combat the movies are known for.

crazychris41241382d ago

Interesting read. Recent game was solid but could have been better. Maybe we get another one alongside the next movie.

porkChop1382d ago

It laid down some great foundation for future games in the series, so I expect the sequel will be much better.