107 games revealed ahead of HTC Vive pre-order launch

With the HTC Vive pre-orders starting today, Finder has compiled a list of all the games current earmarked as coming to the headset to help people make an informed decision.

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sarahnade1379d ago

Alien: Isolation? Nope.

SlappingOysters1379d ago

Why not? I reckon horror and VR are a match made in heaven.

BoomNade1379d ago

Too right, Doom would be great in VR.

SlappingOysters1379d ago

Or even all those indies like Amnesia

ArchangelMike1378d ago

I don't understand, are you saying it's a bad thing that Alien Isolation is coming out in VR, and that you won't play it? Or are you saying it is not coming out on VR?

I personally can;t wait for Aline Isolation to come out on VR platforms. The game is already one of the most immersive games released. Hopefully Creative Assembly can do the VR port justice, and give us a truely terrifying VR experience. I can't wait.

sarahnade1378d ago

It was meant as a joke. As in, "Nope, it would be way too scary". Of course I will be playing Isolation and any other VR horror I can get my hands on, at the detriment of my heart.

WeAreLegion1378d ago

You have to speak slowly with this crowd.

specialguest1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I have Alien: Isolation on PC and I've used the Oculus Rift DK2 on it already. For some reason it gave me motion sickness instantly. Now granted, the VR feature was a hack that enabled it, so I don't think it was calibrated and scaled correctly for a smooth VR experience. Let's hope it is for the HTC Vive.

WeAreLegion1378d ago

Developer VR support is coming soon. It's a much smoother experience.

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iNFAMOUZ11378d ago

im only interested in the horror titles, like dreadhalls, alone, stuff like that, theres a bunch in the share section of oculus, i just hope that the cv1 will work with those, but anyways, yeah, im just interested in horror titles that will make me want to take off the thing, and of course im just overall excited to be able to keep the thing on without it overheating or battery dying like the gear vr, cant wait...this wait is going to be brutal, 4 more weeks, life isn't going to good right now for me, and this is just making it harder, im kind of worried though cause i haven't heard of much horror titles yet for the new hmd's....besides dreadhalls the final version, can't wait for that, that's going to be my first title i play for sure!

Kingdomcome2471378d ago

Things will start to look up soon, friend. Don't lose heart. OT: If I was only able to buy one VR headset I think I would go with the Vive. I'll get the PSVR, but being able to play Half-Life 2, Alien Isolation, and whatever else Valve and HTC are cooking up sounds too good to pass up.

level 3601378d ago

I really wish some developer out there would take a couple of ideas from the film Inception and make a VR-game.

Just seeing architectures/landscapes literally bending, shaping into different forms in VR would be a spectacle.

ABBAJESUS1378d ago

I need to wait and see who i will pit my money on.. Vive or Oculus