Review: Is Slashy Souls an actual game or just one glorified advertisement? | The Outerhaven

Keith says: With the release date of Bandai Namco’s and Fromsoftware’s next chapter of the Dark Souls saga, Dark Souls 3, we’ve started seeing some interesting advertisement and promotions for the game. There’s the recent Dark Souls 3 trailer, that has me drooling all over it (Sorry keyboard), there’s the Dark Souls 3 guide from Prima Games, that comes with a replica Etus Flask and Wolf Knight Greatsword replica, all of which look incredibly cool. And then there’s the Gamestop and Bandai Namco offering, Slashy Souls, that was released today for iOS and Android devices and serves to be nothing more than an advertisement to purchase Dark Souls 3 from Gamestop. Cool, right? Well, no… not actually.

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