HTC Vive International Pricing Confirmed, Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

HTC confirmed pricing for its upcoming HTC Vive virtual reality headset and reiterated that pre-orders will open tomorrow.

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generalwinter1379d ago

I feel like a lot people are going to wait and see on VR. I know I will be.

MusashiBlack1379d ago

Vr is not a gimmick, its going to be big. Have you tried it?

Lionsguard1379d ago

VR will be big eventually but not right off the bat. The pricing is still a huge wall for some people. I'm guessing there will be a lot of people who end up buying this for others as gifts only to realize that they also need beefy computers to run that they may not have. Therein also lies a risk that ill informed people will buy it and see that their computers are too crappy for it and then blame the headset thus poisoning the market. If anything PS4 VR will be VR's savior if the the Rift and Vive "tank".

ABizzel11378d ago

VR v1 will be very niche:
*several million PSVR owners (depends on price and content)
*several million Gear VR owners (due to the buy an S7 get Gear VR free)
*a couple million Oculus owners, even less Vive owners,
*Google glass is up in the air (the VR is by far the worst, but it's dirt cheap)

VR v2 will grow an audience.

VR+AR will be big.

The first iteration of VR will be niche, and be dominated by PSVR and Gear VR. Gear VR is being given away, so there will be a lot of people with it, but for the most part it's a VR viewer moreso than being anything like the more powerful and costly headset.

PSVR will likely be the best selling true VR headset as long as it's priced well, and has the content to back it up.

VR v2 is pretty much what we can expect from VR in another 2 - 3 years. The market will grow as the technology gets better and cheaper, wireless headsets begin hitting the market, and there's more content for it.

The big one is VR+AR. Both technologies have hugely innovative potential, so if someone can make a device that let's you cut off the world and enjoy a pure 1-on-1 VR experience, and then open the shutter and enjoy a full AR experience, then that company has pretty much sealed the deal as the primary leader of the VR+AR race...if they price it right.

VR+AR is the future.

Psychotica1379d ago

Though I am ordering one this article gives a lot of good reasons to wait:

Poroz1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I'll be waiting, They can't even release working games, There is no way I am falling for this.

Paulhammer1379d ago

Good grief that's steep. Cool tech but barrier to entry and value proposition have yet to be solved

Hasswell-NeverCold1379d ago

With that 899 € price tag I would need a good paying job to afford it and when saved enough I could quit and play that job simulator.

Fin_The_Human1379d ago

Makes you wonder how Sony will pull off the rumored $399.00 price tag.

Hopefully pricing won't hurt quality for Sony.

1nsomniac1379d ago

Wow. Thats almost £850 in the UK so essentially almost $1,200 with conversion rates. That's insane, I could buy a car for that!

ABBAJESUS1379d ago

I will get the under $500 model in couple of years.

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