Cover revealed for The Art of Doom

The cover has been revealed for the upcoming The Art of Doom.

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-Foxtrot1380d ago

Just as generic as the cover art...better but still. It's the Steelbook artwork

Why not use the retro art and update it I mean come on. It's called just "Doom" perfect chance to show how much you want to bring old school Doom back

REDGUM1379d ago

Never been much into cover art, i know it adds to 6he purchase but for me its what's inside that counts..... the game.

Looking forward to this. I mostly play co-op games with a friend but this'll definitely fill in the gaps for when he's not online! !

crazychris41241379d ago

This is better than the cover for the game

sk8ofmnd1379d ago

Thank goodness for this final art work. I only hope the game is just as amazing.

annoyedgamer1379d ago

Doom deluxe edition should have a demon on it.

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