Wii U Pro Controller, Wii U Ethernet adapters and compatible external hard drives discounted

The Nintendo Pro Controller has been discounted to just $39.99. Also on sale are several Wii U compatible Ethernet adapters for $9.99 in addition to external hard disk drives for as low as $86.99.

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PhoenixUp1382d ago

Nintemdo continues to nickel and dime its consumers by not just building an Ethernet port into the console

superchiller1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

It really is embarrassing that they couldn't even spend a few extra bucks to include an Ethernet port, they clearly went for a barebones console to keep their profits up (and make up for the high cost of the gamepad). Very sad.

marloc_x1381d ago

Cheer up!
Slow wireless is nothing to be sad nor embarrassed about schiller👧

DivineAssault 1381d ago

I never bothered to check for an ethernet port.. Wireless works just fine for me but i guess it might piss off people that buy digital only... Wii U games dont need to install either like PS4/XB1.. Everything loads quickly and runs perfectly without filling up storage.. While on that subject, Sony/M$ are guilty too for only putting in a 500GB HDD when all games need to be fully installed.. I had to upgrade to a TB before i even played my PS4.. M$ makes you get an external HDD plus play n charge kit unless constantly wanna buy batteries.. When it launched, they made you pay top dollar for kinect too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Oh right like how last gen console didn't come with HDMI oh right.... definitely.

Majin-vegeta1381d ago

Wtf did I just read?Lol PS3 had an HDMI port.The fact that 3 people agreed with you just shows how outdated Ninty fans are with features.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1381d ago

I am talking about the cord.

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AKR1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

It's an option, not a necessity. I'm not saying it wouldn't have been nice to have, but I don't know many people who even make use of an Ethernet connection on a console. I'm not saying NOBODY does, but once again, this is definitely something more on the optional side.

Besides, is $10 for an Ethernet adapter gonna kill you?

Majin-vegeta1381d ago

Ughhh if youre gaming wireless you should stop like now.Not only are you ruining someone elses online fun but youre also limiting yourself.Its been proven time and time again that to get best gaming online process to use an ethernet cable.

blawren41381d ago

I personally don't like paying for features i don't use. I don't feel a Ethernet port is at all necessary. Never needed one before

PhoenixUp1381d ago

There's no harm in adding more options for gamers. Nintendo themselves even advertised that using a wired connection would improve connectivity with SSB4, showing that they are aware of its importance.

Adding an Ethernet port isn't expensive. The PS2 added an Ethernet port and still had a cheap cost. There's no excuse for Nintendo to continue nickle and diming its consumers.

marloc_x1381d ago

The PS2 was around $100 more than GameCube.

You may want to give those goggles a wipe..

PhoenixUp1381d ago

You're not even making any sense.

The PS2 was more expensive than a GameCube due to the built-in DVD player. When Sony added an Ethernet port into the PS2 in 2004, it wasn't more expensive than its previous models, it was in fact a cheaper slimline model.

Maybe it's you that needs to check your own goggles.

blawren41381d ago

If only 1 in 10 people utilize the function, then they are not nickel and diming anyone, they are offering an option that is largely unnecessary. Just because they advertised the option, doesn't mean that anyone actually needs it. they have to account for the variability in peoples internet and routers, thats all.

PhoenixUp1381d ago

You don't have any idea of how many people use Ethernet. Fact is that many people have a wired connection and they shouldn't be thrown under a bus. It's also a fact that Nintendo is continuing to nickle and dime its consumers that prefer a wired more stable connection.

I really don't get how you can still be damage controlling not getting the most bang for your buck. That's beyond absurd, especially when it doesn't cost you anything as a consumer. Just because you don't use it doesn't meant everyone else doesn't as well. Plenty of people use Ethernet. Adding an Ethetnet port isn't even expensive it's fairly to cheap to implement. Even the $100 PSTV has an Ethernet port.

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marloc_x1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Nickel and dime?

That would be charging consumers to USE said connection..😉

PhoenixUp1381d ago

It is the very definition of nickel and diming. The Wii U would still be the same price it is now, so idk why anybody would complain about its inclusion.

If you don't wanna use a wired connection then don't. That doesn't mean people who do want to go wired should be forced to unnecessarily pay for a peripheral device to get a better connection.

Having as many options is as consumer friendly as you can get. Idk why anybody would even damage control the continued exclusion of a built-in Ethernet port on Nintendo's consoles.

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Sentient5451381d ago

Oh, I thought that said discontinued for a second there.

addictedtochaos1381d ago

I make that mistake all the time.

DivineAssault 1381d ago

Why would anyone need 2TB HDD for Wii U? That would never be even close to filled unless you downloaded every title they make.. I buy physical games if i can and the only time i needed external storage was for the xenoblade x patches.. I just used a thumbstick for that though..

ZeekQuattro1381d ago

I'm not sure. I downloaded several retail games as well DLC, virtual console, indies, and updates and still have almost 400gb left on my 500gb hardrive.

DivineAssault 1381d ago

Maybe i should rephrase.. Why would anyone want to WASTE MONEY? That better for you? A 500GB is more than adequate for the biggest fan of the console.

ninsigma1381d ago

Pro controller is awful. I wouldn't recommend it unless you NEED to have a second controller.

jcnba281381d ago

How is it awful? It feels a lot like a 360 controller, comfortable and easy to use. I'm just not a fan of the triggers but they are rarely used in Nintendo games.

ninsigma1381d ago

Just feels really uncomfortable for me. I prefer using game pad than the pro controller.

blawren41381d ago

I wouldn't say awful, just not as good as the game pad for me, but it definitely is a good 2nd controller option.

Majin-vegeta1381d ago

Wow,I had no idea you had to buy an ethernet to be able to game online on the Wii U.Well Ninty you jusy lost one sale.I wint be buying a console that requires me to buy a standard feature that other consoles have.Maybe better luck with the NX.

jcnba281381d ago

An ethernet cable is not required to play online, WiFi is already built into the console.

Majin-vegeta1381d ago

I know but I dont game online unless its through wired cable.

blawren41381d ago


That's the reason not to buy one. You were looking for a reason and now you've found it. Good job!!

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