The Division Game Files Reveal Details Of Possible Yet To Be Revealed Features

WCCFt: Tom Clancy's The Division, the new third person shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive, is very close to release, but there's still quite a bit we don't know about the game. We probably won't even know about these unrevealed features until the game is out, as Ubisoft most likely wants to surprise players in some way. Some of these yet to be announced features, however, might have been revealed today.

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C-H-E-F1378d ago

Nice, I need to stay way from these articles though because I'm going to spoil the thrill of OHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHH**** they have this in here... lOl

Palitera1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

It reminds me of the "leaks" before TLOU first release, when the "best theory" people had on the mined data was that there would be an open world multiplayer game, like RDR or GTA IV/V, where you needed resources to keep your faction mates alive etc.

It is a bad site, everyone knows it, but wow... They managed to post a list with almost EVERYTHING got wrong on it. lol

Overall Summary of the Multiplayer Leak:

- New feature called "Clans"

- The clan-based system and recruiting is essential to survive hordes of infected (possibly AI or player based clans)

- Possibly free-roam / Big open maps

- You can Craft weapons / Items in Multiplayer from all the supplies you gather

- The Multiplayer has certain random events (sort of like RDR) that happen in your playthrough. Some of which can threaten or help your clan

- The Multiplayer has mini-missions structured for you like surviving a certain amount of time, etc

- You can train Clan members (in what way, its still not clear)

- Depending on how well you train your clan members, you can do rescue missions to free hostages taken during the outbreak

- You'll need to gather supplies to survive (your clan can gather supplies too to be well equipped)

- You can aquire medicines / antibiotics from looting dead bodies throughout your playthrough

- You have 3 matches to complete a Mission (how this works its still unclear)

- Uncharted 3-like, Loadouts makes a comback

- Character Customization possibly back too

- list of usable items for crafting/weapons for MP (This is a bit Spoiler-ish, so be carefull)

- Crouching makes you more accurate by reducing weapon sway

- Mission performance determines how many people you gain or lose

- Mission performance also determines how many One-Use Boosters you earn

- You can spawn next to your teammates

- Boosters are back from UC3, but completeely redesigned and works in a colossaly different way (non-spammable and some are one-time use)

- There might be certain parts of the maps that are contaminated with viruses, you'll need to search/loot for masks or risk getting infected

- Your teammates / Clan members can get infected

BeardedPriest1377d ago

I remember this. Factions in TLoU turned out to be awesome... like Gears but better. This leak made it seem like TLoU's MP would be the most epic thing ever.

These leaks at first glance give me hope that features like tablet controlled drones which were cut from the game could come back...

C-H-E-F1377d ago


I am assuming this is a list of things that are in the game... because I saw a list I decided to scroll down and click reply... thanks for being such a "nice" guy ahahahahahaha.

Unfortunately my eyes wondered while typing this reply so I now know that my teammates/clan members can get infected and I need to search for loot / masks or I myself risk getting infected thanks again. ahahahaha hmph

Pongwater1378d ago

Hmmm wonder if there are any decent sized parks within the known map area…

jmac531378d ago

There is Bryant Park in the dark zone, although it's not that big compared to Central Park.

BeardedPriest1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I think through DLC we will get a piece of the lower area of central park as well as Brooklyn which was being developed but is now withheld for DLC release.

zerocarnage1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Ubisoft said they had some surprises they were not going to reveal. They said we would have to find out on release.

Can't wait for my sleeper agent edition to turn up.

(The text goes to say things like your team is winning, and only 30 seconds left. It also mentions “the enemy has the upper hand”, which points towards an adversarial mode.)

That bit makes me wonder if there's some type of faction wars, the type you see on pc mmorpg's. On part of a map factions own certain zones and by crossing them your basically at war with the opposing faction or factions. It's an on going war but Ubisoft may change it to a different type of faction war if there is one where players choose a faction and get launched into a part of a map, where the winning player who represent there faction must win. Winning the match would give a percentage in that territory and there would be.multiple territorys all with there own percentages. After a certain amount of days sometimes it's a month the winning faction would gain better rewards compared to the losing side. Of course I'm just speculating here but if all that text is true and Ubisoft have some big surprise awaiting us like that, then omg I'm loving it.

If they add some type of faction wars to the division I would most certainly be playing for a long time to come, especially if they add.more reward vendors with different clothing, weapons and armors..

brokenbracket1378d ago

See man, I keep telling people, the beta was like 3% of the full game. There's tons of stuff to come. I'm trying to be patient. So I'll likely stop reading these articles starting now. The Division was pushed back from releasing for a reason. Ubisoft knows they have to get this one right. And I personally believe they will create something their company can really build on. The future is bright for The Division.

zerocarnage1378d ago

Your exactly spot on there broken. People think that what we the beta was basically it, they could not be more wrong. The division would of been put back for many reasons and I'm glad they did, because they get more time to develop it and with four development teams on this big project, they have made a winner.

Ubisoft got the last assassing creed good, many praised the game as a step back into the rite direction. Ubisoft also have that very impressive looking medieval game to come which looks sweet. The Rainbow game that recently came out even though it has some fixes to come that has its army of fans. Then there goat reckon, that game looks amazing can't wait for that. The division is probably ubisofts longest project and everything has come together sweetly.

I feel sorry for those haters who are so blind they can not see beyond there own stupidity.

Broken if your getiing it on xb1 add me :zero carnage I'll be happy to squad up with you or anyone.

You can't tell with that beta map it's big, but you can just tell there's going to be more maps, I'm pretty sure Ubisoft and the devs could keep adding and adding and there's tons of mappage they can add all with there own different factions, modes n so on..

brokenbracket1377d ago

I'm getting it on PC. But you can easily find a group on the division's forums. They have a dedicated LFG page for people looking for groups to join. I've already got about 9 people in my group, just waiting for the game to release!

Rob Hornecker1377d ago

Ditto for what zero said. If you need someone to squad up with,PM me and I will give you my xbox gamer tag.