The SUAV is the new troll weapon in Battlefield 4

The newest way to troll players (by spawnkilling).

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ZaWarudo1383d ago


Bzzzzz urgh uwa ahrg *boom*

OutcastMosquito1382d ago

New troll weapon? It's been a troll weapon for years...

pumpactionpimp1382d ago

Was going to say the exact same thing.

asmith23061382d ago

That's some serious flying right there. Wish we had a view from the other end.

FITgamer1382d ago

This angle is a little better. It's from the one guy that survived.

Skate-AK1382d ago

Yeah people have been doing this for years. It was way worse a while back but they have nerfed it to hell.

1382d ago