Is Forza The Next Xbox IP Bound For Windows 10 PC?

With Creative Producer Dan Greenawalt teasing lots of news across the entire Forza franchise in March, here's why bringing it to PC makes perfect sense.

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kaiserfranz3060d ago

Have been waiting for this for a long time, hope it's happening with Forza Horizon 3 at least, would be beautiful at 4K

N4GGuy243059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Microsoft is making some excellent decisions to go multiplatform and be available on win10 and xbox is a stroke of unification genuis. Anything think it is a dumb idea to make games available for pc aswell this is why your are not a ceo phil spencer and just a basement dweller. Now hoping halo comes to windows aswell :)

SonyWarrior3059d ago

if microsoft puts forza on pc honestly what exclusives are left on the xbox... none.

Errorist763059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )


None but I'd argue that PC and XBox owners were in the vast minority anyway.

Zoombael3059d ago

Unifaction genious? LMAO.

This is nothing but a plan B chapter 2.

RiseofScorpio3059d ago

Xbox fans aren't gonna be too happy that these guys get to play online for free on the same games.

SolidStoner3059d ago

If forza hits PC, I will upgrade or buy new gaming PC just for that.. (this far I use regular PC for simple games, and PS4, also got that Thrustmaster T300 integral alcantara racing wheel, and x box dosnt support it.. but it works on PC..) so what that means for people like me with racing wheels that we get to play more sim games! win! win! (xbox in other hand will loose appeal for some).

memots3059d ago

I have said this a long time ago.

I am PC racing Sim enthusiast and been wanting to get Forza so bad on PC.

Forza and Halo were the main reason why i wanted a Xbo. But 350$ + Live and the price of games was too much, + i would have had to buy a Tx wheel base to play Forza. I really hope its coming to PC, lots of fun.

freshslicepizza3059d ago

awesome if it does come to pc.

CartBlanche3059d ago

This will put the nail, in the soon to be realised, Xbox coffin. Interestingly the nails aren't coming from Sony, but from Microsoft itself! Maybe they wanted it to fail all along??

Once Forza and Gears of War (apart from Quantum Break) are multi-platform any existing gamers who were on the fence about buying an Xbox will just switch to upgrading their PC instead, so Xbox One sales will fall even further behind the PS4. Any PS4 gamers who wanted QB, for example, will now just upgrade their PC/Laptops instead.

Despite X1 currently outselling Xbox 360, with no consoles exclusives, X1 won't sell more than X360.

Within 12 moths Phil Spencer will lose his job for these decisions.

Azzanation3059d ago

You do know there MS games right? Those games hitting PC are still exclusive to the Xbox platform. You will never see Forza on a PlayStation or Nintendo hardware.

Bathyj3059d ago

To me it feels like sacrificing hardware sales to gain software sales. In the end its going to hurt XB hardware sales and therefore XB software sales as PC cannibalizes those sales. I dont see how anyone can not see that.

Hey, its a legitimate strategy. Its one direction you could go. But if thats what theyre after, why bother with the hardware at all if youre not going to give incentive to buy it? Maybe MS is paving the way to go software only? If selling games is your aim, not hardware why not release them on PC, PS5, Nintendo NX?

jonivtec3059d ago

ABSOLUTELY......people dont own xbox one for exclusive..they own it because its a budget nice gaming machine...now if people with pc can play the same great game..then its just gonna bring more microsoft exclusive AAA game for both platform.Everybody win in this situation.Phil spencer is the guy whe all been waiting for.Cross platform online gaming is the next step for sure.

GameNameFame3059d ago


Oh yea. Is that why Xbox fans were celebrating last year how Halo bundle created huge sales for Xbox?

Now all of sudden Xbox is losing exclusives, people buy it for budget issues. LOL.

Gamers buy gaming console for games and less exclusive means less reason for them to buy.

3059d ago
UltraNova3059d ago

@bruce above

This is not a good thing because if MS screws up the xb1 sales unintentionally(or not), then Sony will be left alone in the console race which is not going to end well for us the consumer.

NCAzrael3059d ago

If it comes to the PC I'm going to be kind of pissed. I mean, I'll be amazingly happy, don't get me wrong, but I'll be pissed. I bought an XB1 last month along with Forza 6 and Forza Horizon 2, and just finally sold off my Logitech G27 and bought a Logitech G920 after weeks of debating between that and the G29 for my PS4. If they bring Forza to the PC, I would have been able to get the G29 and play Driveclub and be ready for the next Gran Turismo AND be able to use it with Forza on my PC. Pissed, I tell you. Pissed!

SolidStoner3059d ago

Playstation 4 Racing Wheel Buyers Guide by Inside Sim Racing


it all works with PC also (we have to be ready for this year racing games like asseto corsa or GT!) without a wheel these games are broken in 2016!

Maddens Raiders3059d ago

Scary. Is this another omen signaling the end of the line of the MS console brand? Personally, I hope not.

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Errorist763059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I agree..thIs was the only series which always tempted me to get an XBox but never was enough to convince he. I'd happily give MS my money!

XanderZane3059d ago

That's what M$ wants. I still think gamers are forgetting that any PC Window 10 exclusive that is released from here on out will end up on the XB1 as well. So not only will the PC library grow, but so will the XB1. The majority of these games will never be on PS4.

NCAzrael3058d ago

I'm not sure what you mean by "Windows 10 exclusive" games. The majority of games releasing on PC exclusively (and I mean PC, not just Windows 10. I challenge anyone to find me a PC developer that will make a game exclusive to one version of Windows) are releasing that way because they are too much for a console to handle or they don't translate very well to a gamepad control layout. The only games that will come out on PC for Windows 10 only will be the Xbox titles Microsoft releases, and that is only because they want to entice gamers to make the switch. From a purely technical standpoint, there is no reason a game that runs on Windows 10 can't work on an older OS except that Microsoft purposefully makes it that way.

Youngindy213059d ago

Do you really have a graphics card capable of running Forza Horizon 3 at 4K or are you just saying you do to look cool?

Edvin19843059d ago

I hope it is cross buy, as id get it on the console and have a PC sku.

hades073059d ago

I don't see this being such a huge impact on Xbox One hardware sales. You will still have your average consumer buying or playing the games on the Xbox One as they don't have medium to high end gaming PC's. Out of my 15 friends who has an xbox One to game on, one of them has an Alienware gaming PC.

otherZinc3059d ago

Lol, more Hate from the biased media.

Why not embrace the fact M$ has given its customers 3 great Racing Games (Forza Motorsport 5 1080p 60fps, Forza Horizon 2 Open World 1080p 30fps, and Forza Motorsport 6 1080p 60fps) since launch AAA Exclusively, while the competition hasn't come close.

This silly article simply wants to stir a pot of negativity.

Enjoy those 3 great Racing Games on your XBOX ONE, with your XBOX ONE Elite Controller.

NCAzrael3058d ago

If you're seriously playing those games with an over priced game pad, you probably shouldn't even be taking part in this conversation.

I say that knowing full well that I am spending $250 (thank you employee discount!) on a racing wheel, but still...

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Chris_Wray3060d ago

It wouldn't surprise me. Microsoft could quite well control the racing/arcade racing genre on the PC if they did.