Pictures of new Zelda for Wii U found in Twilight Princess HD

A link between two Zeldas.

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bouzebbal1380d ago

This remaster looks so good!
Cannot wait for it

iplay1up21380d ago

I am a huge Nintendo fan, that being said, this HD remake did not get even close to WWHD's. So I say meh. Also the character Midna's laugh was super annoying!

Nintendo just remade this game because of the lack of games coming this year. That's what I think anyway. NX will release this year, unless Nintendo announces more first party games for Wii U soon.

XXXL1380d ago

Hopefully Nintendo will start talking about Zelda U again soon.

rjason121380d ago

Once it tp HD comes out they will.

3-4-51380d ago

They will most likely have a Nintendo Direct before E3, and then one during.

Ark_1379d ago

Propably together with the official reveal of the NX.

Takwin1380d ago

Better than a picture of an Assassin's Creed game! I kid!

DivineAssault 1380d ago

Cool easter egg.. I have faith Zelda U will release on Wii U.. It might launch with the NX too though.. Im going to buy both if theres different features.. Nintendo games always hold their value plus i wanna use the pro controller if possible.. If not, im hoping NX will have that option.

Sly-Lupin1380d ago

Can we just take a brief moment now to reflect on the fact that while waiting for the next main entry in the Zelda franchise after Skyward Sword, Nintendo has managed to remaster and re-release every single 3D Zelda game prior to Skyward Sword?

The only thing sillier is the 30-odd Final Fantasy games that aren't Final Fantasy XV that Square-Enix has released between its announcement and now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1380d ago

So remastering 4 games qualifies as "silly"?

Me personally, I'm actually looking forward to the possibility of a remastery of Skyward Sword.
Especially if they could take the criticism of Fi's over-talkativeness and readjust it to make her less annoying in that respect.
Maybe re-think the Gratitude Crystal quest, as well; good lord does that need to either be shortened or gotten rid of...

But I digress; it'd be a great run-up game to Zelda NX. And although I'm not really big on propping graphics up on a pedestal, it'd be nice to see Skyward's lovely watercolor art style receive a full HD treatment ala WW, including better character models.

Sly-Lupin1378d ago

No, what's silly is the time-frame.

wonderfulmonkeyman1378d ago

How was the time-frame silly?
It's not like it pulled a "The Last of Us" by releasing the upgraded port a mere year after the original release or anything.

Sly-Lupin1378d ago

Is it that hard to see?

While we've been waiting for a new Zelda game after the last new Zelda game... Nintendo has re-released every other Zelda game there is to release.

I'm afraid I can't say it any more simply than that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

You...ARE aware that, in general, there's usually only one or two BRAND NEW home console Zelda games per gen, right?
How is it silly to re-release older ones in the run-up to the latest new entry, which do not come out every year?
Skyward Sword was long enough ago that it isn't really that silly at all to start re-releasing past Zelda's in the run-up to Zelda U, in order to satiate those that want more Zelda but are too impatient to wait for Zelda U without something to hold them over.
Even less so, if you want to include the sequel to ALttP that came out on 3DS.
It makes business sense to re-release familiar titles to a gen that might have skipped them when they first arrived. Especially when so many of them aren't in HD, since this is the gen where graphics worshippers hold sway over so much of the gaming community.

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