Xbox Tech Director on Windows 10 PC Gaming: "We will fix vsync"

“@darkhand12345 SLI and Crossfire work, games just need to support it just as always. We will fix vsync.”

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Genova841377d ago

Agreed. Consider the panic button, unpressed. Now they just need to fix windowless borders.

Mr Pumblechook1376d ago

On this issue there is no reason not to believe Microsoft. They will fix all these issues and a Windows 10 PC will ironically be one of the best places to play Xbox games.

OpieWinston1377d ago

Given that Mike Ybarra is a pretty big PC gamer. I'd imagine he's going to work hard to free up the current limitations.

FasterThanFTL11377d ago

They will need to fix a lot of things.

ninsigma1377d ago

That's good to hear! I. Giving these guys the benefit of the doubt that they'll fix (or allow) some of those things that had been restricted/not available. Hopefully they'll get monitoring overlays to work too but maybe that's an issue with the monitoring tools themselves that they don't support the type of exe windows apps use??

dreadz741377d ago

This needs to be fixed ASAP like now! I have ROTR from WIN 10 store Vsync is forced no full screen can't use fraps just a cluster F**k . I have Quantum break preordered for XB1 so I get PC version for free they better have this fixed by then or i WILL CANCEL .

neoandrew1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Stop this bs boy, you are a liar, u will not know if they fixed it before release and then you can't cancel.

CernaML1376d ago

Errm... pretty sure he can know if its a global issue within Windows 10 games.

dreadz741376d ago

You make no sense hopefully we will get some news b4 release on this issue.

dreadz741376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

How am I getting disagrees do you guys have the WIN10 version obviously not. What good is it to disagree just for the sake of it you help and do nothing for the gamer by doing so. How can you disagree and MS fixing forced Vsync and not having full screen? Clearly thoose who are disagreeing have never played on Pc . Listen Forced Vsync and no full screen kill FPS and not having a FPS recorder like fraps makes it hard to adjust options to get a good frame rate.

neoandrew1376d ago

If you need fraps to tell if it is good, then whats the point if you can't feel it.

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