Capcom needs your help tracking 'Street Fighter' sore losers

Street Fighter V might not feel entirely complete right now, but that's no reason to abandon good sportsmanship. Developer/publisher Capcom is aware of the problems the community is facing in terms of people rage-quitting when online matches that aren't going their way and it wants you to help.

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Majin-vegeta1060d ago

Ive played over 200 matches and ive only came across 3 Rage quitters so far.Hopefully people pick this up quick.

DragonDDark1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I've encountered 5 and they had like 50+ winning strike... :(

Vanfernal1059d ago

I've run into A LOT of rage quitters. Funny how most of them seem to play Ken...

audiocafe1059d ago

Haha you're absolutely right I've run into a ton of rage quitters and majority of them have been Ken players

Kamikaze1351059d ago

I think they just need to have a system in place to discourage that kind of behaviour. Count disconnecting as a loss.

VTKC1059d ago

Capcom will actually do something about this? Well this will be interesting to see what happens to these sore losers. Strip them of their fight money and demotion i say

GameBoyColor1059d ago

straight demotion would be hilarious. Capcom should say nothing so if they do RQ, they'll come back to a fat rookie emblem.

NapalmSanctuary1059d ago

Its better to just count it as a loss. That way, people who are having genuine connection problems don't get stuck with undeserved penalties.

pompombrum1059d ago

Can't believe this even made it into the retail build.. still hopefully they'll reset rage quitters LP, seems only fair that they get punished as such.

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