The Division PS4 Version Leaked In The Middle East, Install Size Revealed

GS" There are still some days remaining until The Division is released, but the PS4 version of the game has already been leaked in the Middle East, which has revealed the install size of the game on PS4."

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Relientk773058d ago

40 gig minimum

not the biggest install size, but still sizable

ProjectVulcan3057d ago

Par for the course on large world games these days

C-H-E-F3057d ago

Yeah, I still remember when U3 was like 90gb. man that was the worst install ever on the ps3 I think it took me like 4 days to get it on AT&T Uverse... smh I'm glad i'm on comcast now... takes an hour to clear majority of my game downloads.

A-stil_Tv3057d ago

Bro you too I remember that also and I had 5mb at&t.. uverse wasn't available in my area but now I'm on Comcast and that will DL in a hour or so

C-H-E-F3057d ago

@ A-stil_Tv

Yeah man, that was the ultimate game struggle back then hahaha. good times though made me definitely appreciate playing the games ALOT more.. Now I download a game in 45min-1 hour play it for 2 hours and don't play it for a few days. Back then... I was like nah only way i'm turning this thang off is if the electricity cut off or I pass out whichever one come first hahahaha.

If anyone is on the PS4 and are looking forward to playing The Division together hit my PM.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan3058d ago

It's manageable for sure, but I wonder what it will end up after all the DLC. Thanks for the information.

trywizardo3058d ago

yup, its already in stores :D

MrsNesbitt3058d ago

40GB is standard these days...sigh...time to do some organising

ifistbrowni3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Now that someone has a physical copy, hopefully the trophy list leaks. You can view trophies on an offline account when not connected to the internet.

Trophies will shed a light on a supposed raid (you'd assume there'd be a trophy) or other end-game modes.

Plus, I want to see how manageable the platinum is. I'm getting the game regardless, but don't know how much time I should set aside if I plan to platinum or not.

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Exclusive Q&A: “Tom Clancy’s: The Division: Hunted” Author Thomas Parrott

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rpad155d ago

did you edit out the parts where the author repeated everything you asked?


Ubisoft's The Division series just had 80% slashed off its price on Steam

If you're looking to try out an exciting, team-based shoot 'em up, The Division is currently on sale on Steam!

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Stop Forcing Multiplayer Into Single Player Games

TIM WHITE WRITES: "Multiplayer or single player? Developers, you can do both, just not willy-nilly."

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Flawlessmic462d ago

I am in absolute agreement with the OP 👌

shinoff2183461d ago

I hate when I see single player games and see people begging for multi-player. Jeez guys it don't need to be on every game. Latest one I seen was atomic heart.

-Foxtrot461d ago

Multiplayer or even co-op

If it was always a single player game then that's how it is