Ranking six generations of Pokémon games from worst to best

Twenty-five years of Pokémon has given us six generations of great games, but they aren’t all equal.

Each of those six generations includes two versions that have slight changes (usually just offering different Pokémon you can capture, which encourages players to trade with friends who own different versions). Total sales for Pokémon have reached over 200 million, and most of that comes from these main entries. But the brand extends beyond that. It’s not just the best-selling portable game series of all time, it’s also a successful card game, a hit kids show, and will even extend into the world of augmented reality later this year with Pokémon Go from the Google-back Niantic Labs. A seventh generation of games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, will come out this holiday.

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Tolkoto2530d ago

Gold and Silver are the best.

-Foxtrot2530d ago


Took the best from Red/Blue, expanded on it and let us travel back to Kanto to do a post game storyline.

PurpHerbison2530d ago

Nostalgia wants me to say Red/Blue/Yellow but I do agree with what you said. Despite me not caring for Pokemon after the first 151, I think Pokemon Ruby is my honorable mention.

-Foxtrot2530d ago

I do care for Yellow though because I kind of liked how it tied into the series.

Pikachu being given to you at the start of the game

Being able to obtain all three starters

Jessie and James in Team Rocket

Pikachu follows you around

I really like the third game of each series I wish they'd start doing it again. I've played them but never fully owned Black and White and X and Y because of this...I'm always waiting and they decide to skip it out.

ONESHOTV22530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Yeah i agree man but yellow was my favorite even though gold improved on it i just cant get it out of my head. I recently started Plying gold on my new rig. I wonder why did i spend 1800$ for it the mystery i guess nothing beats child hood memories. And sorry if i made a spell mistake typing on the phone at work

vickers5002530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I stopped playing pokemon after ruby and sapphire. Then at separate garage sales about 3 years back, I found a functional ds lite with the hinge broken (couldn't hold itself in place, got used to it though) and a copy of soul silver a year earlier for 4 bucks. Idk why I stopped playing after ruby/sapphire, probably thought I was too old for it.

When I finally found that ds and started playing ss, I had the greatest nostalgia experience I've ever had with a game. So much joy playing through it, like traveling back in time to one of your happiest childhood memories.

I played red and blue back then as well, but gold and silver still remain the best imo.

Puts me in a good mood just thinking about them. Hopefully we get a re-remake of gold and silver at some point.

Heli892530d ago

I approve of this. Black and White are severely underrated.

-Foxtrot2530d ago

Could never get into X and Y as much when I was borrowing it off a friend.

The new look to it when moving around with fixed camera angles and the like was off putting. The game felt smaller aswell, well the world did because you were so used at having a proper Ariel view of the game while you moved around.

Oh and don't get me started on the Mega Evolution crap...why waste time coming up with new designs and that feature when they could working on creating better original designs or new features.

There is a reason why X and Y was lacking in post game content.

Heyxyz2530d ago

I agree. I never liked the mega evolution thing.

Heyxyz2530d ago

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will always be my favorites, I just have so much nostalgia from those games. I remember the long days I used to play them, discuss them with friends, and so on. I have so many memories from those games, and I'm sure I could still name all 493 Pokemon from them.

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