Stories: The Path of Destinies Releasing in Q1 For PC/PS4; It Takes 25 Hours To Complete All Stories

Stories: The Path of Destinies will be available for PC & PlayStation 4 in Q1 2016. The game may take up to 25 hours to be fully completed.

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Festano2110d ago

Good to know, I just hope it doesn't get drowned in the sea of games coming out next month

Chris_Wray2110d ago

The value of this depends more on how good the game will be and the variety of the stories. I don't buy into the value of time spent, if the time spend isn't that fun.

Aurenar2110d ago

Let me add this to the long list ... I will not do a lifetime to play them all.

Alexious2110d ago

Have to agree with that. There's just too many games releasing these days...

Booyaka6192109d ago

Cool, will play on my ps4.