Gamebrink Review : Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

To put it simply, Lost Planet is an incredibly awesome game. From the well planned and executed single player campaign to the never-ending online battles, it's one of those rare games where you feel like you got every penny's worth and then some.

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power of Green 5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

Simply the best action in the industry.

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Hey Zeus5251d ago

2/10, i review games myself, not listen to some dumb reviewer from a magazine, aka Xbox magasines

Boink5251d ago

lothian, u r pathetic. plain and simple.

This game looks excellent, I've enjoyed the 2 demos they have put out on live quite a bit. although with SO MANY AWESOME titles coming out for the 360 this year, it just may not make its way into my library.

power of Green 5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

It's the only good game coming out for a couple of months 1-12-2007. ???!

TheMART5250d ago


The only thing you (re)view will be N64 games because you are 5 year old and have no money for a next gen console

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd5251d ago

behold! the new king of gayness/sony fanboyism/cant spell for sh1t/flamer... your champion: loathiaaaannn @shooooole!

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The story is too old to be commented.