Team Fortress 2's new art style revealed

Welcome to the "Alpine" mountainside complete with foliage, mining camps, and lumberyards!

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solar4421d ago

check this out last night. love the look. TF2 definitely needed some color.

SpecialSauce4421d ago

there was like 25 people that played it and i bought the orange box for my 360.

BrotherNick4421d ago

Get it for pc, 10 times better.

KeiulZen4421d ago

Man I wish they would bring out a expansion pack for the 360 cuz, those maps and all the new weapons look bad arse.

solar4421d ago

believe me. if Valve could, they would in a heart beat.

Lithium powered4421d ago

I love it, looks just like a painting!

deadm4n4421d ago

I believe those are just concept shots, not actual in-game screens.

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