Is Kingdom Hearts Harder Than Dark Souls?

Hardcore Gamer: I can already hear the typing storm of rage from all Dark Souls fans getting ready to fire away at why Dark Souls is a superior and more punishing game than the kid friendly Kingdom Hearts, but just because a game is punishing does not mean it is harder.

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Snookies121874d ago

I love the challenge of Kingdom Hearts games on Proud/Critical difficulties. Makes the game so exciting in rough boss battles.

awi59511873d ago

Thats why i hate Japanese rpgs they end all the same. You beat all these bosses and the last boss fight they make you fight them all again with far more power just to fight the last boss BS.

FallenAngel19841874d ago

The KH super bosses sure can be difficult to fight unless you level grind to the max

DarkOcelet1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Even if you grind to the max, Kingdom Hearts is freaking hard sometimes... Especially on Critical/Proud Mode.

Mysterious Figure
Vanitas's Lingering Spirit
Terra's Lingering Spirit
No Heart

Kingdom Hearts bosses are some of the toughest i have fought in my 17 years of gaming.

ZaWarudo1874d ago

lol i was never able to defeat Mysterious Figure. But should optional super bosses and higher difficulty options count? I personally don't think so.

DarkOcelet1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Critical mode is the best way to play any Kingdom Hearts game.

Just amazing. Oh and Thunder Surge is your friend with Mysterious Figure ;)

KentBenMei1873d ago

The post-game content on the hardest modes? Absolutely.

Sora781873d ago

Kingdom hearts is my favorite video game serie ever, but dark souls & Bloodborne are harder.

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The story is too old to be commented.