Linkle and Canon’s Condoning of Rule 63

Michibiku's Jenni Lada writes, "Sometimes, something happens that makes you realize the people who make games are as big a fans of them as you are. Of course they are, they’re making them after all. But we never image they’re as fanatical about things as we are. Linkle is proof, because with her we see developers following one of the Internet Rules."

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Vhampir2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Uses dual crossbows, believes she's the legendary hero, and she talks...she's a female version of Link!


Persona Series Getting Its Own Whiskey in Japan

Atlus has announced a collaboration with a well-known Japanese distillery to launch the Persona series' very own whiskey, releasing tomorrow.

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DarXyde76d ago

I'll have to make this a mission the next time I blow through Tokyo.

Hopefully soon, given the limited availability.

Seraphim75d ago

send me one while you're at it. I mean what's better than Whiskey and Persona? A cigar with the two, and that would be perfection personified.


Rumor: Persona 3 remake and new Jet Set Radio game footage appears online

A video reel showcasing what appears to be work-in-progress footage of a Persona 3 remake and a new Jet Set Radio title surfaced online this morning.

Vits170d ago

A Persona 3 remake would be incredible. It's one of those games that doesn't really have a "best way" to play because the content is split between versions.

And a new Jet Set Radio is definitely interesting. But I do wonder how the current public would accept it. Both previous titles are extremely arcade in their execution.

jwillj2k4169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

What’s your opinion on why arcade games aren’t loved on consoles? Why aren’t play and go games desired? Why are Crazy taxi, Daytona usa, virtua cop type games only reserved for vr now? I’m asking a lot feel free to ignore lol

Vits169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

That is a very good question. I would assume that the price/content ratio would be the large reason. But given that even cheaper games had a hard time selling (see https://www.engadget.com/20... it's probably not the only factor. So it's really hard to pinpoint what exactly might be the problem.

As for why those games thrive in VR. It's also hard to find an explanation, but I assume that is mostly to do with the limitation of the platform as of now. That isn't really suitable for more "console" experiences, human movement, in particular, is a pain in VR, so stationary games or rollercoaster experiences ended up being preferable with translate well to arcade games.

Lightning Mr Bubbles169d ago

When are we going to get a Persona 6 though?

LoveSpuds169d ago

I think there is a market for good arcade style games as demonstrated by the excellent HiFi Rush but I think it's a question of setting realistic targets in respect of sales. A huge chunk of the game playing public weren't born when JetSet Radio came out so I am not sure that the reverence and nostalgia forr the old game exists across the whole of the market. But there will be a big enough market from older gamers such as myself who will snap it up, so if they set realistic sales targets and spend the right amount on development, there is defo scope for it to be a successful project.

notachance169d ago

here I am still hoping for a sequel where they’re trying to save MC from his fate..

also they never really explain why the shadow operatives which was made specifically to handle anything shadow related never made an appearance when freaking tokyo merged with the other world in P5

spicelicka169d ago

I think after the reception of Hi-Fi Rush Jet Set Radio could far well.

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isarai170d ago

I'd love a new JSR but Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks to be filling that void very nicely. Definitely get both if they release

LG_Fox_Brazil170d ago

That short video looks amazing, I love Persona 3, it's one of my favorite games ever. Hopefully this remake will come with the FES expansion included

XiNatsuDragnel170d ago

Looks great P3R would be great and JSR hmm interesting.

Soulsborne169d ago

Looks like they got p3 remake and P6 cooking. In Atlus we trust. One of the final kings of jrpgs.

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Persona Accolades Trailer Released, Series Gets Big Discounts On Every Platform But Switch

Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royale receive high praise and low prices with accolades trailer & generous sales.

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Eonjay195d ago

I don't usually buy Switch games until the holidays when they have the elusive sale.