Mortal Kombat X has been left to die on PC

Joe from GamersFTW writes: A couple of days ago, NetherRealm tweeted about the free medieval costume pack that will be coming to Mortal Kombat X next month- what a nice thing to do. Free content, even if it is just a skin pack, is always nice to see from a developer. So PS4 and Xbox One will be able to download the pack on 1st March. Wait, what about those who have Mortal Kombat X on PC? Well, they just won’t be getting it. What did you expect, PC gamers? Something nice for you to enjoy? In the words of the modern philosopher Louis C.K: why would anything nice ever happen?

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MrsNesbitt3066d ago

I'm surprised the skin pack was free......

Hoffmann3066d ago

No wonder. It seems only around 15% of us bought the PC version.

But that might be Warners fault as well since it received a bad port which made the news at launch.

Most MK fans are on Playstation.

KurtRussell3066d ago

If that number is true than that means atleast 25% profit was made on pc, not a small percentage at all.

VJGenova3066d ago

I've said it many times, but WB pissed of pc gamers good last year with the 2 worst ports of the year (MKX and AK). If they weren't going to put effort into the pc version, then don't release one. Many pc gamers also own consoles and would buy games they really want there if need be. See: Bloodborne, TLOU, Halo 5, Destiny Madden, etc.

Not only will I now not buy a pc version of a WB game but I also won't buy the console version. They know this, and some pencil pusher said this the best COA, so fuck em.

Razputin3066d ago

Yup, I have all consoles and my PC.

I prefer multi-platform games on PC since they run and look better for me.

But all my exclusives I get on their respective console or for the PS4. Rock Band, Destiny, and the such.

This MKX port, were we not only lied to, we got shafted hard.

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Warner Bros. Is Pivoting To Live-Service A Decade Too Late

Warner Bros. announced it's pivoting to live-service games, which could be a disastrous move for its devs

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anast246d ago

They really mean they are pivoting to slot machines on mobile devices.

CrimsonWing69246d ago

I don’t think there ever was a time for GaaS. Its entire resistance is revolved around making a game that generates recurring revenue constantly throughout its lifetime. It’s straight up a corporate scumbag design.

I watched the video seeing if anything changed since the initial Suicide gameplay vid before the delay and it looks the same. So weird watching all the characters just start a gun to their back and bounce super high shooting with no kick-back animation in an empty dead world. The voice acting is cringe and there doesn’t have any sense of atmosphere or immersion like the Arkham games.

And they expect you to pay $70 to $100 for this and then pay more for Battle Passes and items to make grinding less a chore. Yea, no thank you. I hope you learn a hard lesson with this one.


Warner Bros. Eyes More Live Services as Mortal Kombat 1 Sells Nearly 3 Million Copies

Today, during Warning Bros' conference call, chief executive officer David Zaslav talked about Mortal Kombat 1, Hogwarts Legacy, and the company's gaming business.

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gold_drake254d ago

yea, because thats what people want, especially after those games sold millions and are not live service games haha.

so dumb haha.

Abriael254d ago

Genius executives at work. "hey, what we're doing is working great. Let's change it."