ATI's R600 numbers get leaked?

ATI's R600 numbers get leaked?

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DC RID3R5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

to say teh least, it pwn5 the nvidia 8800!
with a 512 bit external memory bus, this baby will make you TR1P!!

MicroGamer5248d ago

by the time it drops down to where most people can afford it, they'll be up to an R1000 chipset. I just hope they don't end up having 20 different chipsets on the market at the same time again like they did with all the 9x00, X800 and X850 variants. Once a chip family becomes obsolete, they should let it die. They're still selling Radeon 7000 and Nvidia Riva TNT cards at CompUSA for Christ sakes.

True Gamer5246d ago

to bad it will Probably cost more than a PS3 and an Xbox 360 combined ):