EyePet : First Screenshots are here

Here are the first ever EyePet screenshots, SCE's new game for the PlayStation 3.

Deviant5783d ago

at children children can use their imagination and create some nice stuff

nix5783d ago

yup. looks freaking cute! q:

Chubear5783d ago

Exactly what I thought. My smallest son and his mom would eat this game up I'm sure.

C_SoL5783d ago (Edited 5783d ago )

Wow, my nephews will be going nuts.

buckethead_X5783d ago

Everyone has to watch that video. It would make a heck of a news story!

Sitdown5783d ago

Is your smallest son also your youngest? And does he have a different mom than the rest of your kids? The therapist in me found your wording to be very awkward and funny......and whether you meant to or not, you deserve bubbles!

Jerkapotamus5783d ago

I might get this myself if the price is fair. There looks to be some pretty interesting technology (the car for instance) involved in the game and I know my mom would get a kick out of it.

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C_SoL5783d ago (Edited 5783d ago )

MONEY....Which is a good thing for Sony.

EDIT:Yup, u don't need guns, cars, hot chicks & alligators to make a great game.

This is great for children.

ThatCanadianGuy5783d ago

Exactly! if they promote this right..they could hook and reel in a huge chunk of Wii's casual market.

Mr_Showtime15783d ago

And she adores it, even more than the footage of LittleBig I showed her, she's asking for it for christmas now apparently lol.

MS must be kicking themselves now...Your in the movies...HA!

Canidae5783d ago

I have to say that monkey thing is kinda cute. As stated this game marketed correctly could be a huge hit among the casual crowd.

kingOVsticks5783d ago (Edited 5783d ago )

that monkey type creature is just precious...ahem with LBP and this game sony will snatch away alot of casuals from the wii.I defiantly have to get a eye play before these games come out more so for LBP then this game but damn is it cute.

Salvadore5783d ago (Edited 5783d ago )

I expected something similar to Nintendogs and looking at these screenshots I was totally blown away. Eye of Judgment was really the first step, but this seems leaps beyond with the level of interactivity.

Would definitely be funny to a bunch of 2 year olds playing around with that.

Chubear5783d ago

See, games like this, and the likes of ToT and Creature feature, is what casual gaming is supposed to be about. Not just random shovleware-waggle-crap-mini-ga mes/lets exercise crap that demean the gaming industry and promote VGing stereotypes.

Cliff B was talking about how he wants to have games where you don't need to press a lot of buttons or use a control pad but here are the tool Sony has provided for them and they dont' use them.

Developers like Cliff B are truly full of crap. The tools are there; put your talent where your mouth is or STFU.

ThatCanadianGuy5783d ago

Wow...i pictured it would be like viva piniata graphics..
But this actually looks pretty damn phenominal.

eagle215783d ago (Edited 5783d ago )

You pictured Viva Pinata? This is Blu-ray buddy. :P

I pictured crisp Blu-ray graphics and it looks like I was right. But seriously, this is absolutely adorable man. EyePet FTW!

AngryXbot5783d ago

Unbelievable, that actually looks quite good and well done.

And here I thought it would be shiat. Looks like a real casual gamer turn on.

Sony really flirting with the casual gamers right now with Singstar, EyeToy, music and more.