Making Sega Great Again | #MakeSegaGreatAgain

Sega has had quite the fall from grace, but is there still a chance for the company? And what can be done? Let's find out!

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Segata2103d ago

Look at my name and avatar. Now read this. It's far to late to save them. The time has long passed. Market is different. Sega is different. I would love nothing more than SEGA to be in the thick of the console race or making 3rd party games like they used to make 1st party but again the time is long passed sadly.

yeahright22103d ago

I would disagree with you, but you'd probably beat me up.
I miss segata.

wonderfulmonkeyman2103d ago

Sega could be back in the spotlight again if they'd just bring back some of their older titles in a big way.
Maybe contact Nintendo regarding some of those long-lost RPG's they used to have?
Or some new collaborations, since Project X Zone seems to be doing pretty damned well?
They likely won't ever be back in the console races, but unlike Nintendo, I don't think they have to be, to regain some of what they've lost...

DivineAssault 2103d ago

Streets of Rage, After burner, Golden Axe, Comix Zone, Gunstar heroes, Pulseman, Shinobi, etc.. Theres many great IPs they can publish and if done right, bring them back in the game.. Shoving more crappy sonic games out is hurting their name..

2102d ago