Multiplayer Madness 3: My Favorite Multiplayer Games Revisited

Phil writes, "Whether locally or online, multiplayer is a marvelous way to extend the life of a given video game. That said, not all games need multiplayer shoehorned in. The fact of the matter is that the games on this list, part three of my descent into Multiplayer Madness, has multiplayer that feels like a natural extension of the single player. From Grand Theft Auto V to Wii Sports Club, this list has a wide variety of titles in it that I can't help but enjoy and recommend to you, SuperPhillip Central's readers."

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PixelGateUk969d ago

I never really got into GTA online, it always felt a little bit scattered

TeamLeaptrade969d ago

Not a bad list. GTA is fine, but I feel like they missed adding something like Call of Duty 4 or something along those lines.

philm87969d ago

I could put off by GTA online's terrible matchmaking on the PS4, not sure if this has been improved or not yet.