Our 10 Favorite PlayStation Vita Games - 2016 Edition

Short Pause: "Happy Birthday PlayStation Vita! In honor of the handheld's fourth anniversary here in North America, we here at Short Pause are celebrating by giving you a list of our ten favorite experiences on the Vita so far! This list was incredibly difficult to pare down this year, as there are dozens upon dozens of other Vita titles that would be right at home on this list, but we did our darndest to come up with a collection of games that was varied, unique, and indicative of all of our individual tastes as a website. We haven't played everything, but we've played a lot, and these are the ten games we've had the best time with. So without further ado, let's get on with the list!"

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TheDude791944d ago

I'm currently making my way through Persona 4 Golden right now, and there is soooo much to this game. I'm pretty confident that it'll make this list next year. There's just so much to that game...every time I feel like I've seen everything, it expands more. Fantastic game so far!

I really need to play Super Meat Boy as well, I've heard it's an extremely challenging game. For those who say the Vita never had games, they clearly never spent any time checking through the hundreds of great games in its current catalogue. Happy Birthday Vita. Keep on keeping on!

himdeel1944d ago

Kick and Fen is surprisingly a good game. It's definitely an good platformer that I would have missed if not for PS+.

TheDude791944d ago

Same here, I remember seeing it before it was announced as a Plus title, and I thought it looked pretty cool but wasn't sure I'd remember to pick it up at launch. Finally played it thanks to Plus, and yeah, that game is great. Loved it

danny8181944d ago

Vita had its fair share of games. I'd say my personal favorite were definitely wipeout 2048, Killzone and Tearaway. Oh, and Unit 13.

TheDude791944d ago

Seriously, if you still play Unit 13, add me on PSN, I'd love to play through more of that cooperatively! That game was underrated and felt more like a SOCOM came than SOCOM 4 did! RIP Zipper Inc

PSN: TheDude79

danny8181943d ago

will do. Its unfortunate they cut Zipper Interactive but i feel like they were already getting ready to cut off developers solely for their handheld. I have resentment towards Sony because of what they did with Vita.

stevansavic891944d ago

stil playing killzone mercanary online,,what an epic game for vita,,and i will add unchurted golden abyss and tearaway

TheDude791944d ago

Tearaway uses the Vita's features better than any other game. I know it's on PS4 now, but I still think the Vita version is the most immersive and enjoyable experience. I think you'll dig it a lot

Fist4achin1943d ago

I also thought Gravity Rush used the Vita capabilities and features very well.