The WiiU Gamepad Will Be Mandatory to play YIIK

Ackk Studious Titles YIIK will make heavy use of the Gamepad.

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FreeSpeech693069d ago

And a reason not to get it. Gamepad is cool for Optional 2nd screen stuff and Offscreen play. Shouldn't have ever been mandatory. Most people prefer the Pro Controller anyway.

GordonKnight3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I have a pro controller and never use it. The gamepad is the best part of the Wii U, but we all have our own opinion on this subject. Will the mini games be available on the PS4 and Vita versions?

iplay1up23068d ago

I like the gamepad, but it SUCKS for Fast Racing Neo. My hands were cramping terrible! I can't even imagine Xenoblade X without the gamepad,along with a ton of other Wii U games.

BTW, Fast Racing is FANTASTIC, but the pro-controller, or Wii Remotes, are much easier (for me) to use.

blawren43068d ago

I only bought a pro controller for 2nd player on mk8. Never use it for anything else.

blawren43068d ago

I've never heard of this game, but it may be worth supporting. Clearly they are actually trying.


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