The Evolution of the Video Game Console 1972-Present

When video games first premiered they were played primarily by the younger generation. As the gaming systems evolve adults can and will hog their kids games and many childless adults buy the systems for themselves. Along with lots of games.

The video game creators took notice and have brought out many games that are rated R or M, which means you need to be 17 or older to purchase these type of games. However with the internet and auction sites like Ebay, kids still get these games into their hands. has posted a list of gaming systems starting with the first console Magnavox Odyssey down the most recent, which many people are actually waiting for and that is Playstation 3.

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OutLaw6200d ago

I just felt like I went to a museum. I didn't know that they made games before the Atari 2600. Well actually I did know about pong. But I do believe cartridge base games came from Atari.

USMChardcharger6200d ago

i thought the same thing (pong then atari). i had no idea. i thought i knew them all.
i would like to see some games from some of those and what all those buttons do on a few.

PS360PCROCKS6200d ago

haha yea pong was first I thoughtm its what my parents told me

shotty6200d ago

Gametime aka ssjo4 aka ps3 lord should take a look at this. It will notice that every system is basically an improvement over the next. First 20 years was nothing but boasting specs, which was a huge thing in those days.

OutLaw6200d ago

Maybe if SSJ could see how many systems (and I remind you American made not Japanese)were made before Sony's PS . Maybe He could appreciate what Bill Gates is trying to do.

PS360PCROCKS6200d ago

he is back as SonyISGod and he is as moronic as ever, I swear he really tries to be that idiotic and if he doesn't, he's one hell of a nerd

OutLaw6200d ago

I think we are his only friends. Besides the imaginary ones he keep bringing to this site.

Lucidmantra6200d ago

LMFAO... Can we add a warped since of friendship to the larg list of his flaws?