Dark Souls 3 Can Build On What Bloodborne Helped Refine | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: Getting ahead of myself as I am, it’s important for me to state my intrigue as to how Dark Souls 3 fairs, for it’s the closest I’ve come to understanding the almost-universal appeal of this game.

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eyeDEVOUR1882d ago

He sounds like a snob, with delusions of grandeur.

EDKICK1882d ago

Dark Souls 1 is far better than Bloodborne.

Forn1882d ago

I've consistently transitioned between playing both as of late. Both are incredible in different ways.

SpinalRemains1381879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I disagree.

While Dark Souls 1 was good, it was a clear step backward from Demons Souls and it isn't as good as Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is much faster, harder, better enemy design, music and lore.

DS2 is clearly the inferior game of the 4 thus far. Hopefully the new DS3 takes us back to a more Demons Souls like experience.

YoungKingDoran1882d ago

I also hope *certain* mechanics are brought over from Bloodborne, but I trust Miyazaki's decisions and I'm sure DS3 will be a great game.
The best part is that it will be out SOON!

BTW playing DS2 again; I definitely miss the regain system as I find myself taking stupid risks in combat lol. Although I don't think regain belongs in Souls.
Also, as Miyazaki isn't interested in Bloodborne any more, it'd be cool if the B-team made BB2.

averagejoe261882d ago

Same thing here. Just played through Bloodborne for a 2nd time and now am back with DK2. Definitely feels weird not having the regain system. Took a bit to get used to again.

Elda1882d ago

From some of the trailers I've seen this looks visually & somewhat plays somewhat like Bloodborne.Never played any of the Soul games but Bloodborne I may just buy DS3 & give it a try.

esmittystud1011882d ago

The really big From Software pev I hope they do in Dark Souls 3 is there shortcut system. I love how they did Bloodborne and kinda blended everything together in a way. Like when you go to the Forbidden Woods and then you stumble on a cave, you venture in. Did the game do what I think it did? Yeah, I climb some ladders, venture in a building, open a door. I'm all the way back at the starting area now.

This was great to expierence in game. From Software's level design is miles ahead of other developers. I think I read somewhere that Dark Souls II didn't really have this same formula or it did but didn't utilize it, like in Bloodborne. I think the absenece of Hidetaka Miyazaki overseeing things had alot to do with how Dark Souls II turned out. But they made him or it may have been his own choice to totally stop working with Dark Souls II, to start and work on Bloodborne. So it was what it was.

I just hope I get that feeling again that I got the first time when finding that shortcut. It really adds to an already good game/series. With Hidetaka Miyazaki running things, I think we are all in good hands. He is so underrated though. So many guys are hung up on guys like Kojima, that they overlook the guys that really shine. He has the most detail I have ever seen when it comes to characters, maps, level design. Not to mention I also love the fact that his games never hold my hand like the other open world RPG's out there. No GPS, no map, no objective list, a save system that can kill your entire playthrough in an instance......and we love it.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, you the man.

Goldby1881d ago

dude. when i climbed that ladder. i was like what!? and quickly ran to the gate an opened it followed but celebrations of walking around in circles. that was a great awe moment

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