DiRT Rally available to pre-order and pre-download now on Xbox One

Neil writes "DiRT Rally promises to be the most authentic, thrilling racer for a very long time. Today, it has become available to digitally pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One. What you waiting for?"

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Angerfist3036d ago

Coming April 5th. So it's still time. Getting it tho, especially since Assetto Corsa got delayed.

FlexLuger3036d ago

I NEED this game on my xbox. I mostly play forza 6 and FH2, with a dash of Pcars but I got plenty of rom to add a proper rally game to my quality selection of racers. Ill be enjoying this and and Quantum break for march.

ji32003036d ago

this game only have 10 stages including reversed total 20 stages. Codemaster company is too greedy. they promised 36 stages but they lied after all. using short version of same stages don't count.


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Dirt Rally Hates Me And That's Why I Love It

TheGamer Writes "Dirt Rally wants to hurt you. Codemasters' hardcore rally sims try everything they can to make you fail—whether they're pummeling your windshield with heavy rain, surprising you with a hidden hairpin turn, sending your skidding into a ditch, or puncturing a tyre."

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